New items for sale: torqueboards218mm trucks, motor mount by marc, maytech vesc's, pulleys, belts [EU]

Hi, I have some new never used parts collecting dust. at the moment I can’t use them, no money and time to build the complete board. Later on I will build my dream board, but not now. Better for you because you can get some new parts for cheap. at first I have Torqueboards218mm Trucks with some beautiful 83mm flywheels, cnc machined motor mounts by marc, metroboard pulleys, Bone Cones 96A and some Pivot Cups 96A against wobble already installed. You can fit two 6374 motors on this truck. All these parts together new around 300€ ~ 350$. You can get this set for just 230€ ~ 270$. You also get for free some cnc machined ‘‘x-things’’ on top. 20180702_17032220180702_17024220180702_17031420180702_17025720180702_17032920180702_170235 20180702_17021320180702_17063020180702_17064820180702_17064120180702_170634

I also have three sets of htd-5m motor pulleys: 2. sets of 15t for 15mm belt 10mm shaft

  1. set of 15t for 15mm belt 8mm shaft 20180702_170346

Furthermore I have two htd325-5m belts: One belt for 4€, both for 6€, free shipping eu, to us I have to calculate. 20180702_170354

I also got two maytech vesc’s, canbus is available If someone wants both. 70€ for one, 120€ for both 20180702_17045020180702_170409

My last offer is a maytech remote, 40€ and free shipping worldwide: 20180702_17053820180702_170552

Thats it, just send me a dm. Payment per Paypal

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How much for 2 pulleys, 2 mounts, 2 belts (if they fit the mounts), 2 X things?

I juste sell the mounts with the trucks, the ‘‘x-things’’ are the free bonus. I can sell you the pulley

So how much are just pulleys?

How thick is the mounting plate? And perhaps you already know how much it would cost to ship to nearby European countries (Latvia specifically)?

all pulleys?

No but it’s not that much, I can calculate it if you want

I meant metro board pulleys :wink:

If you can fit 2 80mm motors on the trucks with these mounts (160mm space between) then I’ll buy the set from you in a heart-beat!

I’ll take the whole set. An in that i mean everything except the vesc’s.

The vesc’s + remote, some pulleys and the two belts are still here, If someone needs them dm me.

have the metroboard pulleys sold? I would be interested

Sorry I just sell them with the complete drive train

not sure I can justify the whole set but I’ll TRY over the weekend lol :slight_smile:

The drive train is at the moment reserved for someone, if he does not want it you can have it. But he really wants it. I’m sorry :sweat_smile:

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145 for the remote and both esc

Still have four 10mm bore pulleys, just dm me

Hi, Still got anything left ? Want to buy everything

im assuming its not but its worth a try, is any of this stuff still available?

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