New lightweight construction with Vanguard deck, please help me ;-)

Hello, I have a fast and heavy eboard (dual motor, 12s5p battery) and now I would like to make a lighter one with autonomy of about 25km, I do not need it to be fast, it will be to do carving to go to work. I have these components: Board loaded Vanguard flex 4 (I weight 56kg) calliber trucks, one 6355 torqueboard motor, one Motor mount with 16t and 36t pulley, one vesc torqueboard v4.12, TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Nano Remote Controller. I need a battery (already built, no lipo), which one do you recommend for this construction? I need an antispark? If so, which one do you recommend? I would like a speed between 25km / h or 30km / h and 25km of autonomy Thank you very much, I hope your recommendations. I live in europe

Iā€™d do a nice 10s4p, or 10s3p for even less weight with a eboosted enclosure. Loopkey as an antispark.

And maybe some extra parts to make a dual drive train.

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This should be your minimum to achieve your 25km, and I also agree with pundahh about getting a dual drive train. I know its quite expensive basically doubling your drivetrain cost, but in the end its worth it. The vehicles feel much less like a toy :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you, I look at that antispark

@anon64938381 @pundahh Do you know where you can buy a 10s4p battery? I live in europe . The reason why at the moment I only put one motor is by weight and if I fall short of power I put another motor :slight_smile:

This is muy current electric skate, very fast and long autonomy

@pjotr47 and @Acido are two names that come to mind. PM them for a quote and see if it fits your budget :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for answering! I will contact them

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