NEW Maytech Dual Motor ESC,

Hi everyone.

I got contacted by Maytech about a new Dual motor ESC that they are beginning to sell. Here is the pictures and and specs

I can get them for you for 92 dollars ESC.

Detect and work with most motors in the market (Sensorless/Sensored Motor) Dual Drive speed controller, can work with 2 motors Voltage: 6-10S Lipo Cont. Current: 30A Burst current(10s): 50A Protection function: Signal loss, Over-heat, Low-voltage, over-current protection Dimension (LWH): 74.55020.5mm Weight: 98g


I might be intrested in those

I am new to building electric skateboards. T he cont. Current - if i have two hub motors, that each have a max current of 22A. So would these be ok with this esc?

And for the 92$, you can connect 2 motors into it?

Hi this ESC is to weak for 2 times 22A. It can handle 30A constant not 44A

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Ok, thank you for answering

this is the one you want

it’s 30a x 2 with a claimed burst of 240a x 2 . the burst seems a bit high but the Max Continuous discharge of 30x2 = 60a should be fine for you’re hubs. Are you running the Maytech 800w 90mm hub motors? if so, these were pretty much made for those and should work perfect

Oh cool. Yes i do have the 90 mm maytech hubs. I’m glad there are such helpful people out there. And as i understood i only have to buy 1 of this to connect 2 motors into it right?

correct - the single ESC supports two motors. They even have a method of connecting two of these ESC’s with a pairing cable to run as 4wd

Can I use dual motor esc with just one motor and then later buy another one?

I don’t know if you can use a one motor than another later for the dual

hmmm… this might actually work for a minute before it dies. Probably ideal for a 9 or 10S beginner board.


Now I’m looking at that single motor one… I would run it on 6s

I’m just worried that it’s speed limited

It is the same esc that is used in meepo board

Same type just single version, not double

Yeah but if they use it in their boards it has to be okay

The dual version of the hub motor type is limited to 21mph

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And this single motor one from ebay has brushless and hub motor option… I asked the seller if it’s limited an now i’m waiting for a response :slight_smile:

It’s sold by @dickyho , so you can also PM him on the forum

For the original one there are 3 speed limits


If fast is 36 that is okay but i’m not using a hub motor

Yes I am also a dealer and stock these. They are great for dual budget build good quality buy no match for the VESC running dual. Look the wires of the cheap eBay all in one units. Also running on 12s20171231_214635|666x500