(new) maytech mto-6880 190kv ha c3 (for the hard core)

calm down @Touch415 you will run out of TISSUE. moving on to more important things phase wire length ok? maybe longer sensor wire? we can choose those and get the correct JST connector


:rofl::rofl: all good man

I’m in :rofl:

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4 for me. Form filled in. Thx

I must be blind… where is the sign up sheet? How should i fill out my order since its different?

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So will be similar power to 6374 just more durable?

What is taking up the extra 5mm in the diameter? If that is a thick steel can or thicker magnets it could result in more performance.


I really wanna see the official spec sheet before committing on buying these. I’m also interested in seeing the inside.

+1 on explaining where that extra 5mm diameter is used on. @hyperIon1 I’m really confused cus you said it has a stator of a 6374.

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This logo? :slight_smile:


Dangit…not so hard core then. Sticking with SK3. I’m out.:slightly_frowning_face:

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Im ok with that one!

Ok, they are trying to put a data sheet together. We really cought them off gard on this one. Obviously, this thing is bigger, bigger magnets,etc. 190kv and from what I’m expecting a supper smooth spin. The large rim bearing is something that’s needed in these bigger motors.


As for logo guys, I think no logo will be best for the group buy. Just black, no Maytech branding It will also speed up production with that process deleted.


I might get 2, seems good just waiting for more info.

Still deciding between these or 6374 TB motors

I can’t fill out the doc on my phone. Keep trying and my phone kicks me out

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What did you want to add?

i added you on

Ok., Because a few guys are interested in the 6374 MTO 190kv-HA and we can lump them in with this order I’m going to start a new group buy tread and sign up sheet. To keep them separate. The target price for these are 92$ ( group buy price for the US ) For our EU guys please wait until @pjotr47 Posts the EU sign up. We are going to do our best to keep shipping and initial import fees (duties & taxes) to a minimum so @pjotr47 Doesn’t have to add much to get them to you.

I also would like to say thank you guys for being interested in the group buy. We wanted to do something a bit more than just a discount for Black Friday. Benjamin @hyperIon2 has this idea for the group buy ( in the tradition of group buys ) and only charge what’s needed to get the products to the customers (community)
As it stands we pay in bulk 90.5$ Each for the NEW 6880 MTO SEALED 190kv motors And For the 6374 MTO ( none sealed ) 190kv red/grey in bulk 85$ each

We are only charging a few dollars more for shipping and handling.

My brother and I wanted to think the esk8 community for give us a chance at the first of the year. ( less than 1 year ) We knew coming to you guys first could have been catastrophic , but a great many of you took a chance on us and I hope we did ok. We see a difference being made in the future and esk8 is at its core. We have found what we want to be doing well into retirement. Thank you ESK8 community, you guys truly make it all possible.

I have the second tread up shoulrtly.


Signed up for 2!

I definitely vote for longer sensor wires if available.


gotcha, yes at the moment they are 250mm long both PHASE and SENSOR wires…

300mm? 350mm?