New maytech remote weird problems?

I have the nano-x remote and when I first got it, it was giving me some problems… it would disconnect… then the board just drove off by itself… and once it switched acceleration (up) to brake… and when I would press down it would accelerate… weird… so I bought a maytech remote and connected it… I did the calibration in bldc tool and it will not accelerate when I hit up… but if I push down it accelerates and then won’t stop

super weird!!

any ideas?


Did you configure your PPM mapping to “Current no reverse with brake”?

Show some screenshots of what you see with throttle at idle vs throttle at full brake vs throttle at full acceleration (three pics ideally showing the ms value for each and what you have set for top and bottom)

Yeah I configed everything but I noticed the max and min were significantly different so I subtracted the difference from max - the 1.5 that the remote sends out and then I added that to the min and now it’s running amazingly! Best remote I’ve tried so far! Thanks!