New Maytech steeze remote?

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What does the comunity think of it?

I was just looking up the regular Steez for a beginner thread on here.(I love that remote !) and saw the “new” type as well on their website. But just from the looks, it looks like a cheaper version of the original ?

Cancer. What is the deal with this super simple single axis joystick remote?

Why do you even want it to go another way but back and fourth?

it looks like a black phaser from Star Trek TNG.

It could control other stuff like signaling lights or what ever like what vedder did with the wii remote and if you are going for a super simple one why not make it small and every thing?

Yeah absolutly agree thought you was only talking about the sthimbwheel

And that remote looks like a di-al-do

I contacted may tech and it is supposed to be an upgraded smaller version.

i think about Toyotas a lot since there are three of them in my driveway, so i do see them everywhere. I also see guns everywhere because they’re always in the news and people get shot around where i live, so when i see a GT2B or a mini remote, i see a gun.

How many dildos do you have? Are they all over the house? Is that why you see them?

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WAT? those drugs are scary man.

i’m just trying to figure out what is on the mind of a person who sees this remote and immediately makes the association with a sex toy. You aren’t the first person to say this. I’m genuinely curious.