New MBS Matrix II Pro Truck and Machine motor mount

Following up on the mechanical side of the eMTB from my other post

Taking advantage of The MBS Matrix II Pro truck which is lighter than the previous matrix truck and have a prismatic hanger.

Old Matrix Pro Truck

New Matrix II Pro Truck

the old ones were a nightmare to attach a motor mount to them, luckily this New Trucks are more friendly. i designed a motor mount and have it machine in aluminium, i borrowed some ideas from the mount of @torqueboards and they are dimensioned to work with a 65T wheel pulley and a 15T motor pulley and a 85 T belt. this allow for the minimum distance from the pneumatic tire.

Some Photos

schematic of motor position to wheel:

Distance calculation:

Motor Mount:

Installed Mount:

Side View:

this is the closest the motor shaft can safely be to the wheels and be able to install the motor pulley.

with the mount it’s a easier process to build a eMTB and give a much cleaner look to the board.

Under side and motor wires:

Now Just have to design a belt cover for preventing rocks to get in between the belt and pulley.


Great build. Really like the motor mount. Looks like it’s modular with that ring… switch the ring out for different trucks.

Yes the mount is modular. Just need a different shape in the ring.

So far I just have the MBS matrix truck.

Great build!!! I have a similar mountain board from MBS, I was thinking about giving some e-life to it, but I couldn’t find any motor mount that could fit the purpose. Did u already take it the hills? how is it so far?

Board is really good, give around 18 miles range in a moderate speed, off road it’s a beast. If you have a MBS go for it …

wooooohhhh what the specs?

Dual TB 12S ESC Dual SK3 6374 190Kv 10 Ah 12S lifep04 battery pack 16T / 65T 5 HTD Pulley

That battery system is insane, really like it. Just noticed u are in NY, same here, Queens lol

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Hi! Im wanting to do this build myself and wondering if you would be willing to share the motor-mount cad/drawing so that I could ask someone to make them for me. Thank you!

@VoSSer I designed those e-machine shop software you’ll need to download their software to open the files.

ill PM you the files later

Hi, great design! Any chance you could share the CADs with me as well? Thanks a lot!!!

Can I but a motor mount off of you? If not do you know where I can get some. Please contact me at [email protected]

Mbs matrix pro ii trucks 190kv motor 63mm Trampa hubs

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Where did you source the wheel and motor pulley?

Hey Kaly. Great post by the way. Working on mine now. Would you be willing to share the drawing you made for your motor mount? You can email me at the follow address ([email protected]) My buddy has a machine shop and wanted to make one… Secondly what site did you use for the distance calculation?

yeah what JH said, nice online pulley calc.

Do you sell these mounts or would you be willing to send me the measurments so i can make some pleas

Can I buy some motor mounts?

the best option is to get the mounts from @idea great design and quality. you will not get them at a better price even if you do it yourself :wink:

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