New Meepo AWD beast


Truly unique. You need to show it off on the new forum, not the old one.

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Yep, what motors are these? Looks like u used these trucks for securing hub motor, interesting build indeed.

They are 4 Meeppo 90mm Hubs and work great. Still in testing phase and tweaking. For around £1300 I think I’ve done well considering I was going to buy a Trampa for 2k not including the batteries.

Daam thats sexy, the battery is a little bulky for my taste, but I guess its needed to drive those monstrous motors! did you 3D print the mounts?

The Hubs, Vesc covers and Battery enclosure are all 3D printed. Alexandru Alexi did all the hard work. Find him on FB if you want anything building. He is a cool guy.