New Meepo remote? Anyone use it yet?

Found these images on Facebook of a new remote apparently shipping with the Meepo KT boards. Looks similar to the new boosted-style remote that wowgo and ownboard are using.

Wondering if it has the same smoother ESC as the others. Anyone use it yet?

I like the finger hole in this more than the open design of the wowgo. Really hoping we can have auto turn on with pushing the board AND the smoother acceleration / brakeing of the newer ESC.

I think the main guy’s name is Kieran, anyone confirm that and tag him here? (I’m newish to eskate world looking to build first board from a kit)

Looks like DIYEboard is launching the same remote around June 10th I think, Im for sure gonna pick one up if I can.

This is the @diyeboard remote, There’s a thread dedicated to all things DIYE.

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Based on this review seems that the pair new ESC + remote that Meepo is using now is still not as good as the one Wowgo, ownboard and predator board are using. Althought better than the 1.5 version To me the new thing that Meepo brought to my attention are the option of replaceable wheels on the V2 plus

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Canthus new remote pair with the old ESC?