New micro build - melondrama

hey guys,

this will be my first attempt to build a board. i am using the elos board which is surprisingly agile. its only 17.5 inches long. this board will be used to commute around manhattan and is solely being designed for the fun of a portable ride. as i want to keep the board light, i’ve opted to go with samsung 50E 21700 cells. at 5 amps a pop, they harbor a little more umph than the 30q’s ive played with in modding my boosted board.

i will pair this to a buildkitboards 6354 motor with the 15T /36 pulley from BKB. ollin popoca 90mm wheels with risers as to avoid wheelbite (no face on the concrete, please!) i have a focbox vesc boardnamics mounts riptide risers if i need to make my wiring a little more covert.
thinking about a tiny discharge only BMS will probably KYDEX my own enclosure when all is said and done.

my question - can i do this with a 12s1p setup? i do not need extensive range and am trying to keep this relatively light. will i encounter tremendous sag? i’m not trying to go more than 15 mph on this thing. hoping for 6 miles or so of super portability. looking forward to advice/feedback!


image image image


Cool I have a similar build. But with hubs instead

oh right on! did you ever create a thread for it? i’d love to read about it.

Nope still considering it a wip even though it’s fully rideable.

a sip? not familiar with that terminology other than inferring it to mean ‘i could die on this beast.’

Wip sorry, work in progress

Melanoma, are you naming it after the first lady?

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Hahah- it’s being named after the trucks which are watermelonish

The 50E only have 15 amps discharge? That’s seems a little low. If it where me I’d sacrifice some watt hours for more discharge because it’ll mean less sag.

If anyone else wants to try, I have a small deck for sale. :slight_smile:

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Is it even worth attempting this as a 12s1p build? Should I get more batteries or switch to a different cell?

For a 1P setup I would get the Samsung 30T or 40T, the 50E is too low power, unless you are gearing for a low top speed and don’t plan to climb anything more than a slight incline

I would attempt it as a 6S2P before 12S1P

You really, really, REALLY need to try to stay under 350 watts power on this guy


I did mull the idea of a 6s2p setup. Just didn’t think it would have enough umph weighing like a deuce and a half

You want less umph, not more. If it has too much you won’t be able to ride it at all.

12S on this guy is absolutely ridiculous. Don’t even try.


a 7S1P would be better

Mabye 10a power?, The main thing it would do is reduce sag because you reduce the amount of current because it has more uumph

So maybe drop it to a 6s2p? Will I be able to run that on the Focbox?

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