New micro build - melondrama

Gents- I appreciate the advice. Let’s keep it civil! I don’t want to show off my fund of knowledge, or lack thereof- but I’m trying to create something portable that has decent range and can move my size. All advice is much appreciated. Thanks, all!

@Poloace Hey there, I really like how small it is. My only question is the stability with such a small wheelbase?

It’s surely tiny- but it’s wide- I reallllly dislike penny boards. This doesn’t feel as such. I think they’ve made a pretty sepectacilar product. Now it’s up to the crazy people (us) to motorize it. Hopefully we can continue constructive discourse on how to proceed. Thanks again, all!

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It would be better with tkp trucks. Rkp are kinda weird on short decks, but it’s probably fine at the speeds @Poloace is aiming for.

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I imagine loose trucks and low speed would be a lot of fun for carving since it has such a wide deck unlike a penny board

Yeah it’s butter right now. Just need to sort out the electronics!

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You have a interesting choice of cell. Samsung 21700 50E. It is 10A discharge continuous. Do you think that will be enough?

I don’t know man… people are saying no… but, who knows- I already Bought them- so… I own them now. I was thinking it had more amps for just a little bit larger size. Maybe that was a mistake? Looking for advice from the big dogs

I think your solution will be something around instead of going 12s 1p, going 6-8s 2p and then the continuous/ burst current may be adequate. Just a thought.

I would not recommend more than 350W for this drivetrain.

Yeah I think maybe an 8s using lipos would be a good idea

Thinking about this now, halving the series to get more amps doesn’t really do anything because 12S 1p = 50.4 volts and 10 amps = 504 watts 6S 2p = 25.2 volts 20 amps = 504 watts

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I agree 10char

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The idea is that you want less wattage overall. You really want to target a top speed around 12mph (19.3km/h).

You also want mushy brakes.

@hazza is correct, irregardless of configuration, cell count and type will determine both your range, and max wattage you can draw. (More cells in series just raises your max speed)

My current setup is a 12s2p battery out of LG HB6 cells, because I was too poor for more. (They have 2x less capacity than regular 18650 cells, but can draw 30A per cell.) With that in mind, I currently get 3 mile range on my dual motor setup. If I had only 1 motor (and the theory that dual motors = 1/2 the range is true), then I could get 6 mile range on my setup, which is what you’re looking for. Now, instead of using low capacity HB6 cells, if you used a standard 18650 cell with 3AH capacity, then 12s1p on a single motor setup should give you your 6 mile range. So, for your needs a 12s1p out of something like a samsung 30Q would be great as you could draw 15 - 20A instead of 10A or however much from the samsung 50E cells you mentioned in your first post.

Of course, the 21700 cells have a way higher capacity, so if you’re going for more range, maybe it’s a good choice. Then again, I think you might be able to find a more suitable 21700 cell, one that not only has more capacity, but also supports drawing more current.

I’m think if he limits the Vesc setting according to the cells to draw around 350w he will be ok using the 21700 50e cells

Can I not set the vesc to give me a more relaxed braking curve?


Well, she roared to life yesterday. Opted to throw a 10s2p 30q on there I had sitting around. Surely enough power to move me and feels nice on the 90s. Being as tiny as it is… it is not for the faint of heart. But, it runs and now needs a battery w bms and an enclosure. Next build will be from The landyachtz mystery box. A longer board and likely a 10s5p or thereabouts. Shout out to JLabs and Boardnamics for spectacular products.



@Poloace Are you using bkb wheel pulleys and popoca wheels? How does the pulley fit into the wheel? Some people have reported that pulleys go to deep into the popocas because they are centerset. Did you have any problems at all?

Pulley fits well. Still in the process of the build but i don’t see any issues unfolding.