New motor for e-boards

Hi i was just recommending this motor for anyone looking for a cheap powerful motor it has built in sensors so low speed operation and hills should be no problem and the dimensions would allow for a twin setup on most boards.

its only £33 (about $40) and i have seen no reason why it would be bad (decent wires and swap-able bearings) and you can run it at 50v (12s)

hope this helps some new builders like me who are looking for a cheap setup


By my experience the brand is pretty good. I use Racerstar motors on my race-drone, and they work beautifully.

I ride with a guy who has used nothing but these and loves them.

What pulley should you use with these because of the odd notched shaft?

I’m going to use these motors to make hubs :smile:

I have a dual setup with the 200kv motors. My trucks are gulwing sidewinder 2 with evolve hangars and mounts.(Wide) I don’t think that caliber trucks could fit 2 on though? Pulleys just need a grubscrew to locate on the flat spot. Where the motors come from, they sell a 15 tooth pulley which fits these perfectly.

under the main purchase page it has a pulley in the frequently bought with, category bit

sounds great

if you do pictures please

it would have a theoretical top speed of 41.3 mph (66.5 kph) (Kv * 50.4v for 12s = 7056 RPM) (circumference = 3.14159 * 50mm = 157.0795) (7056 RPM * circumference = 1108352.952 mm/m) (1108352.952 / 1000000 = 1.108352952 km/m) (1.108352952 * 60 = 66.50117712 KM/H)

so that would be shit scary but way fun provided you found a controller capable of giving it the beans on startup to get the acceleration you need (DirectDrive has coging problems on startup usually) also a DD setup will probably want a lot of amps when on hills (vesc 6 with forced cooling perhaps?)

seeing all that on paper makes me want to do it now (plus doing a grab test when only running on 17A shows that these things have some serious grunt)

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I have the Racerstar 6368 on the way :slight_smile:

nice what ECU are you gonna run it with?

Vesc 4.12 hw

nice one im hoping for the same but with the sensors