New motor mount

Hello builders, size I having problems with my mount.I decided to construct a specific one.the problems I get is because my motor have 25 mm diameter for the screw and normally the mount is for 30mm, and I just can use 2 screws in the motor, and because of that, the motor constantly slide between the mount, and the belt get loose.So I design one with the screw hole that have a inclination, for make sure the motor will not slide. See and tell me what you think. It’s not finished, but the idea is this PNG mount2 mount3

The thikness of the mount is 6mm

If you make the holes for the screws adjustable you also need to make the hole for the shaft adjustable

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The shaft hole has to be at least 11mm wide to accommodate circlip. Also 6mm wide can only be the motor arm. The clamp has to be at least 10mm. If you make the motor holes like this image You can use whatever motor you want

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This hole are perfect!!

Perfect for the motors you have but not every motors in the market.