New Motor On Evolve Gen 2 AT

Hello, my motor on my evolve gen 2 at is no longer working and im looking to replace it however the only place to buy a new one is from evolve boards usa:, however it is out of stock and doesnt ship to Australia where i am located. I wanted to know if the current gen 2 motor has the same mounting holes as a 63 motor such as a 6374?, Thanks in advanced for any responces.

have a look here:



I have a Gen 2 motor, $90 plus shipping in the US. @Paulycnotes

ill take you up on that offer, although how much would shipping be to australia?

If you want to generate some quotes, you can use 12”x6”x6” and 6 lbs to get close.

have you tried hitting up evolve, they are australian based and their customer service within australia is pretty top tier

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