New motor same settings?

Hey guys I’m coming back to eskating after not having been in the loop since 2019. I just got a new 6380 190kv motor from torque boards to replace my 6374 190kv I’m using the old 50amp vesc from torque boards that’s from 2019 and can’t figure out how to get it to properly connect to the new vesctool app to run the setup wizard.

With the current settings on from my last motor, it spins the motor and brakes fine (I’ve tried it very minimally unweighted)

I was just wondering if I can ride the board like this or should I wait until I get a new vesc6 to run it?

Also if anyone has any info on how to connect the old vesc to vesc tool, I’d really appreciate any help. I’ve read every forum post and watched YouTube videos on it and just can’t figure it out. I don’t have much experience with computers but have set up multiple boards with the old vesctool just fine.


Depending on how different is your new motor, it might not work. Your vesc firmware is likely incompatible with latest vesc tool. You might try downloading and using the old version of vesctool you used before (google around, there are some repos around. Once connected, run motor setup as usual. If feeling adventurous you can update the firmware and use latest tool, but i doubt there is anything to be gained.