New name for VESC Poll- copyright issue with current name

Benjamin Vedder has partnered with @trampa because of the large workload related to making the new VESC 6. Benjamin Vedder has the following trademarks (some are pending):

  • Vedder™
  • BLDC Tool™
  • VESC™ countries outside European Union
  • VESC registrations pending for a variety of countries outside the European Union

This unfortunately means that only @trampa can sell the VESC under its old name - it is ILLEGAL for other vendors to sell theirs under this name. So that it is easier for people to distinguish if a ESC is based/ uses the design of a VESC I advise that a new name for other vendors is agreed upon.

Please choose the name(s) you think are best/ suggest a better one below. I will add all suggestions to the poll.

  • NESC (New Electric Speed Controller)
  • Other (please reply suggestions)

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How about “vedesc” still related to the creator which I think it’s nice.

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I find VESK8 was nice. It have a little bit Vedder inside V and for thats what he stay the community esk8


BESC = Boards Electronic Speed Controler


ore esk8 controller thats is what is it

I really did like it the first time you wrote it, pitty that the phonetic variations like this are not allowed.

Didn’t they already shoot this down?

It is a vote And no question for permission

Why don’t we use Open-ESC


Op-esc has a nice ring to it

O-ESC that better :joy:

I cannot edit a poll - need administrator permission so will just list below what has come up with so far, then will put in a new poll tomorrow at 12:00 GB time with all the options everyone has suggested (and will have suggested by then).

So far:

  • NESC (New Electric Speed Controller)
  • VED-ESC (Vedder Electric Speed Controller)
  • BESC (Boards Electric Speed Controller)
  • ESK8 Controller (’s self explanatory suggestion ;))
  • Open ESC or OP-ESC
  • Other (please reply suggestions)

I think the Name ESK8 Controller was not only for me one suggestion what was wit and many another esk8 communities.

So I guess if VESK8 is not allowed then NESC neither?

I don’t know, but will invite @trampa so that he can say what he disagrees with and I will add to a list of names that are not allowed.

Esk8 controller has my vote.

I’d just like to mention at all the work @Ackmaniac put into the open source software and bldc tool. His name isn’t attached. Keep the name generic.

I liken this to all the flight controllers and different forks of Cleanflight in the diy quadcopter hobby


I wanted to ask, Has anyone asked Trampa if we can do that Assign a new name

He said companies can build their brand by naming it what they like and saying based on …

VOSC Open Source Controller


CESC Community ESC

or a variety of NESC -> next (genaration) esc