NEW Nano X Remote...Thoughts!

Whistle having a read through the latest Enertion Newsletter they gave a sneak peak of their next generation Nano X remote.I wanted to get YOUR opinions on this Gen2 remote! What new features are you hoping for, or improvements from the last generation? Below is some information provided in the newsletter:

“Keeping the same form factor as a base, but with a reimagined design, a super premium luxury feel, all-new circuitry and functionality, this next-gen remote will be the dream controller for the esk8 rider who demands precision, style, and above all else, unprecedented sensitivity, control and reliability.”

unnamed (image above supplied by the Enertion team as a sneak peak)



Things I hope they keep:

  • Still being slim, and easy to put in a pocket
  • The slow/fast mode switch, witch is helpful when you give beginners your board
  • The secondary button that toggles the 2nd channel on the receiver – VERY useful for wiring up LED lights to your board that can be controlled remotely :slight_smile:

Things I hope they change:

  • USB micro B -> USB type C :smiley:
  • Battery indicator for the remote would be nice (nothing fancy, just a few LEDs would do)
  • Remove the side button that lets you invert the remote. Although I’ve never had it happened, I don’t like having a button on my remote that could make me eat street face. I see no reason why you’d want to change such vital behavior of your remote on the fly. Set it up how you like it in Vesc tool, then forget about it :slight_smile:
  • A better thumb trigger / throttle trigger. The current one sometimes gets stuck to the sides / just feels a bit cheap. A sturdy, reliable throttle is the main selling point of remotes nowadays.
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Anything they do will improve the old one. It couldn’t be any worse be honest. Hopefully this time they actually made a remote instead of just putting a different case on the nano and adding an x

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When @Deodand is involved, it gotta be good.


Fully agree there.

couldn’t agree more with these things!

Day one buy for me if I don’t have to calibrate. That’s all I really need.

if that’s mainly what you care about the vx1 fills that requirement right now

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Already have one of those on order. Main weapon of choice is still the GT2B though.

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