New, never used VESC 4.12 PCBs 10pcs left

Did you made them yourself or did you bought them? If so, where did you get them so cheap?

Sounds good, I would buy a bunch. Do you mind sharing some info like manufacturer, gold plating or not and stuff like that. Ideally a pic too.

Thank you in advance best regards, Martin.

we (my club and I, we are EE students so) hand soldered components to these boards and all of our VESC work. I got 100 of them that’s why the price is cheap

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it’s just green boards that’s not gold plated. We got too many of these because they have discount for 100. SOOOOOOO.

For what price did u get parts in bulk? So far looks good… did u solder mosfets / drv with gas torch or what was your method?

I have proper solder station/ hot air gun. So I don’t have any problem with that…

Hey I would be interested in a few pcbs (2 to 6) but i live in the UK so i was wondering what the shipping would be

regards tom

Hi, I’m also intersted in getting 2 PCBs. Please contact me if you have some left, i live in Germany. Best Regards Vincent

i need those, how much?

Hi good morning everyone,I made a electric skateboard dual motor with Vesc 4.12,I watch videos on YouTube and copy the way the program there’s,my board work but sometimes when going down hills there is no brake.Someone tell me the battery volts is set wrong,but because I don’t really have any idea how to set it myself,I am asking for help,I am using the VESC TOOL shown in picture NOT the BLCD one cause it doesn’t work with my Vesc.If your know how to used it can you help? We could video call on WhatsAppUploading…