New onewheel “pint”

New smaller onewheel. “Shipping in May”.

Just thought I’d share. I’d love to try out a onewheel I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I think it’s cool that they’re releasing a more accessible/affordable version.


Here in the EU it’d need to be renamed the OneWheel 568ml


Yeah, and I think this smaller “Pint” is a very good option to get the younger kids started as well. Future motion makes America great again. Peace

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It’s slow af… 18mph? Why not just get a boosted mini x?

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Nahh…Im saving money for the Onewheel XR. I got 2 hub motorized boards that I love so much…Im not the belt drive guy. I don’t like the boosted mini as well, if I had to choose, I would go for the new boosted stealth. But honestly for that huge amount of money the boosted costs, I would send the money to @eboosted to build me a board.


That’s fair… Lol

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It’s the different kind of ride that makes it intriguing.

I had a OneWheel and didn’t like it, but not really because of the ride quality but because of how you get off of it. You have to lift your front heel off the sensor pad and it take a second to turn off. I kept going off balance because of the move and it basically turns off mid turn then tumbles.

The Pint actually has a feature where you can stop, then lean back and it disengages. I’m wondering if that would malfunction when you decided to ride in reverse.


Yeah, lets become our friends greater then them!

It seems the “simple stop” is something you have to turn on or off via the app. When it’s on there’s no reverse. I could be wrong but that’s the way I read it.


yeah I’m wondering if you only get one or the other. I never rode switch but the backing up a little was useful. I ride nothing but smooth bike lanes around here, as much as I like the smaller Pint I’ll wait until I get to try one before buying one


Me too. At my size I think I’d get the lower end of the range at that wouldn’t quite cut it. I really need a long test ride on a onewheel :). The only time I’ve gotten to ride was a plus that had 3000 miles on it at some guys garage sale.

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It seems like it has the for the most part the same specs as the xr just small tire and smaller frame and the range of the original onewheel. The deck does look more plastic looking.

I think whoever gets it is going to be severely dissapointed with the top speed. I have a ninebot which is limited to something like 14mph, and even though I’ve hit 15/17 for extended periods of time… It’s still not enough.

Such low speeds on a euc/other leaning device leave alot to be desired. Unfortunately it becomes a game of either: “how can I upgrade this?” Or “should buy the next model up?”

It’s just not like an esk8 where I can be content with my topspeed by jamming the trigger my whole ride :confused:

e: holy fuck lmao the range is ONLY 7 MILES BAHAHAHAHAH


no thats no true my friend. The pint just goes up to 7 miles range and XR(Xtended Range) goes up to 15 miles with 20mph. Its a bit faster than the pint

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The xr will almost never hit 20mph

The most people have hit is 18mph and at that speed the one wheel backs off causing the front to scrape on the ground

Agreed, it’s all fun until you get bored. I never full throttle except for speed test after finalizing a build, but riding “fast” and still having more trigger room is awesome!

I have a Backfire Ranger and at full throttle I might get up to 19mph (22 advertised for people 1/2 my size), it gets so damn boring, plus having AT wheels make it like riding on a mattress.

really? 10 char

Yep speed is usually never as advertised

The wheel on the one wheel just can’t keep up

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I rarely hold the trottle down, but with trim adjustments and VESC parameters you can totally have a ‘jammable’ throttle if you wanted to. Thats another caveat of these things…

Eh. Someone throw a vesc in it and then we can really start making progress :rofl:

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some genius people in here should tune this thing up to 30mph hahahaha that would be awesome