New or used Vesc single

Hello people,

Currently I am searching a Vecs for my skateboard, thanks

I have a regular castle XL2 esc, programmable with a programming link(change acceleration curve and brake curves are complete customizable) included for $20 you pay shipping it’s up to 8s though https://forum./t/sale-sale-sale-the-sale-thread/96/52

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I have flipsky 4.12 singles 6 months warranty and worldwide shipping👍

Hi @njfc1999, I want to know if these VESC are new or have a little km so what price have the Vesc?

Hello, thanks for your offer but I want another type of VESC.

I said it was an esc(higher erpm= higher top speed without frying)… but this guy is selling one


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They are brand new

How much for one Vesc?

It is $85 plus shipping :+1: