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New OwnBoard Eboard

I’m a poor collage student looking for a cheap board. I was told about meepo and own board. The new ownboard is just under 700 (Which is still expensive, but I get its relatively cheap for a board). It claims 26mph top speed and 14-16 mph. Is this a good deal? Are they semi-reliableish? I was thinking I could also upgrade it in the future too.

Wait for the kits to come out.

Heard a lot of good stuff about meepo. When you buy a pre-made board. It’s a little bit harder to upgrade because you have to look for the correct part with dimensions and everything. I don’t know how easy it is to upgrade meepo though. But generally the cheaper, the less reliable.

i just got my meepo V3, you wont be dissapointed! Its the fastest of all budget boards out there in accel and top speed. check out some youtube videos for drag race times comparison

I own an Ownboard W2 and only issue I’ve had is screws holding the enclosures in falling out (lil loctite fixed it). Definitely feel the cheap side of it, real flexy (95kgs) and speed mode 2 is good for cruising speed and going up certain inclines with no problems. Achieved 42km/h for top speed on flat and acceleration is pretty good in my opinion.

Great 10s3p Samsung 30q battery which amazed me with the range I get out of it.

What range did you get? I need at a minimum of 10-12mi

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~19km = 10-12mi

Do you have any idea of top speed and/or range

my top speed of meepo v3 was 45km/h standard range (4.4ah) = 11.5km - 13km (what I have) extended range (8ah) = 25km+

He also has a promo code.

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Going on speed mode 2 I get around 30km out of it with a little bit of battery left but not much

I have heard alot of good things about the apsuboard

They are more powerful than a meepo, and about the same as a boosted board. Its dual belt drive with a good EXTREMELY smooth esc. I think if i get a prebuilt someday it will have to be that or a meepo.

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Ownboard W2 has smooth controls as well with that hobbywing esc :0.

I’d challenge any prebuilt to a drag race with my meepo v3 :stuck_out_tongue:

The new ESC has crazy torque from zero and 45km/h top speed via gps app (48km/h with telemetry screen). And modes 1-3 are super smooth as well and very beginner friendly

Pretty sure this can beat a boosted anyday.

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A boosted still has considerable more torque than a meepo. Ive ridden both. The meepo is definitely nice, but it really is not very torquey.

have you tried the v3? its a 30a esc vs the older 22a esc


Idk what it was. The guy said he just bought it in april and it was the “best model” so i assume it was the v3

I’ve read that people have reached close to a 20 mile range on the ownboard w2 and the fact that they include both flywheel and kegel pulley’s really opens up all types of wheel options and riding experiences for the future compared to the wheel size and hub motor sleeve you’re stuck with when you go with a hub motor.

That being said unless you really need that range you might look at the ownboard w1s for a “cheap” board. I wouldn’t consider $600+ in the cheap range.

Have you purchased one yet? All I can say is I purchased the Ownboard Mini KT and am loving it. It’s the first board I’ve ever riden and I now ride it every chance of get (to work, off home for lunch, 30m down the road to the shops…). Genuinely impressed with it so far and I’ve done roughly 150 ks. I am getting close to 30 ks out of it on a charge in a very hilly area.