New Paris Truck Motor Mount Design

Hello everyone, I have noticed in my time of building my eboard, there are very few quality motor mount designed for anything other than the caliber trucks. I took it upon myself to design one, I now have the file for the first prototype but, since it is summer break I do not have access to a 3D printer. So if anyone has some spare filament and a few random nuts and bolts laying around, feel free to print and check if it actually works. It was designed with the motor mount from @onloop in mind. If there is enough interest and I can get a fully functional prototype, I might do a group buy somewhere down the road. So, if anyone wants to try to print it here are the three parts:


It is suppose to hold on to the truck with the clamping force of 2 screws?

yes, and one set screw

So you file down a flatspot fir the set/grubscrew?

Two bolts won’t keep the motor up with all the vibrations from riding. I had a similar mount and ended up having to put a bolt straight through the truck to fix it securely.

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Yea, the goal was to make something that requires no modification to the trucks. When it is made out of Aluminium the threads for the bolts and the thread for the grub screw will be much better, maybe I’ll add a second hole for another grub screw. It is intended for use with a pointed grub screw so it can dig into the soft aluminum

Give it a shot, you can always add the bolt afterwards in case it doesn’t hold up. Maybe make it wider aswell, so there is more contact area.

I would love to try it but do not have access to a 3D printer currently. The idea of adding more surface idea is a good proposal and will work on putting that into reality. I also think I uploaded the wrong file to thingiverse, the model without the hole for the grub screw

WRONG!!! Read more/post less until you have a better idea of what’s available. There are many mounts available. Personally I have mounts for more than 10 different models of trucks.

Alright @psychotiller I should’ve phrased it differently. I could not find any decent quality mounts for anything less than a premium price. I’m sure your mounts are incredible quality but they come at a premium price, one that I cannot afford off my $40 per week.

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Fair enough. Phrasing is key! You get what you pay for. Mine won’t drop your motors on the ground.

Haha yup @psychotiller , does anyone know if the Hobbyking motor mount only works on caliber trucks or if it works on Paris. If it does it would make my life a lot easier

is this the trucks

i have over 500 miles never got loose

Yea, those are caliber trucks. The esk8 market is already flooded with designs for those. I’m designing a mount for paris trucks.

If you don’t mind a semi-permanent installation you can add some epoxy under the clamp. It really helps prevent the constant vibration and torsional forces from working the clamp loose.

Its been a little while since Ive posted an update on here but I have completely scrapped the first design and started from scratch on a new one. This one clamps onto the trucks with 3 threaded holes for pointed setscrews so they grip the aluminum of the truck. It has M3 threaded rods for reinforcement purposes. It is a 2 piece mount that is basically a replica of the @torqueboards mount. While it is non-adjustable, if I end up selling it it will come with the right sized belt to fit your gear ratio. Maybe I will add a place for an idler pulley too. Anyways here are some pics and the thingiverse link will be down below if anyone wants to give me some feedback :slight_smile:


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