NEW PARTS FOR SALE: Motors, trucks, battery, remote

Have a bunch of parts for sale… I was waiting to sell a custom board but I just bought a house and about to get a new car and I can use the money for downpayments… they are all brand new… all prices include fast shipping in US. If your for real, message me and I can get you pics, thanks!

Custom Evolve Unik Motor mounts for 63xx motors $90 for both (SOLD) Evolve rear and front trucks $145 (SOLD) Evolve All terrain tires, hubs, tubes (4 total) $175 (SOLD) Landyachtz evo deck $120 (SOLD) Enertion FocBox motor controllers $150 each I have 4 total… 2 of them have 5.5mm ends the other 2 are standard 2 Maytech motors 6365 170kv $230 Enertion Nano-X $70 12s5p 18650 30q Samsung Battery Pack (purchased from psychotiller) $480

photos please

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What are you interested in?

Here’s some of the items… let me know which specific ones you want and I can get you individuals



Willing to drip price on pair of focboxes? I understand they are unused, but I can get NEW ones from a few sellers on here at the same price and have the peace of mind that if for some reason their faulty, I know they will make it right.

no, sorry have a lot invested… eventually every one will run out like normal and then someone will buy them lol… im also shipping same business day priority, no wait… thanks for the interest

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also I do great business. you can check my ebay business… samedayllc414 is my ID

Well good luck with your investment

New evolve trucks i can get brand new for that price. I’m willing to do $100aud shipped to Sydney 2156.

thanks, you as well!

evolve rear trucks are $84.99 fronts $79.99 PLUS add there shipping costs.

but thanks for your offer

bro these are second hand, you cannot sell them for a factory new price


and i bought a nano x a few weeks back nearly brand new for $40aud incl shipping

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they are brand new and cheaper saving about $50… thats cool if it dosen’t work for you… it did for some one else… and the trucks and wheels and deck just sold guys


check out what the prices are now $87.19

Wow!! 2 hours and main items all flew out of the shelves!! I was looking for Evolve trucks. Bad timing today.

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Yeah, he paid already and I have them wrapped up and ready to box and ship early am for himimage

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$1610 for everything!! Good deal.

really good deal… I paid alot and I still have to pay paypal and shipping fee’s lol… I bought all this to remake the one I made for myself and try to start selling them locally but no one knows me here yet for this and winter is coming and I want a model 3 Tesla! So I’m selling all kinds of stuff thats sitting around to help with the down payment


One electric vehicle for one magnificent electric vehicle! Good luck with the new Tesla 3. Amazing machine. :smiley::+1:

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