NEW PENDING TORQUE ESC based off VESC6 - Suggestions

Have a new ESC that’s based off of VESC6 with a few protection modules added so it comes in a bit too big IMO.

It’s about 82mm wide, 70mm length, 25mm height. For a DUAL it would be 164mm or 6.45" inches wide.

I can follow through with the current size and start testing although I personally think it’s too wide for a single ESC. I’d rather not follow through with it if the width of the ESC is way too long for others as well.

There’s two options. OPTION 1 - Re-do the PCB and change the size and make it longer vs wider. OPTION 2 - Since we’re redoing the PCB may think about splitting it up and having a 2 layer board to possibly get more space/room but overall should be smaller can probably increase power output as well.

The question for everyone…

What’s the maximum width you’d want for an ESC for your build/setup? Ref to a single esc.

What added features would you like to see in an ESC?


I think the FOCBOX is perfect possibly a little smaller

not sure if this exist or not but the ability to control led’s from the ESC for example how a motherboard on a computer has a rgb header to control the lights maybe we can make one that will control a front headlight, and a break/reverse light as well as a side light


Also switching the board to a 2 layer… will add more time to R&D and need another round of testing.

But the benefit would be logic and power would be different so we could have a higher spec power board for those running more power.

Current PCB is 60x80 but with the enclosure it’s about 70x82.

Two 2 layer boards. HV/LV simplifies routing and PCB’s can be 2 layer instead of 4. Double stack should get a v6 down to about the size of a v4, maybe slightly wider. DRV exposed for replacement. Also, not hard soldered but a daughter board ala RAMPS1.4. Port headers facing down so they don’t melt when replacing drv (which should be top of stack for easy replacement).

Modular replacement should be easier to hotswap as well as troubleshoot.

+1 for 2oz HV and 1oz LV


160mm doesn’t sound too bad, I run lipos on both my boards so my cases have to be that wide to accommodate the lipos anyway. But I guess the majority run Li-ion which is only about 130-140mm


Yeah, sounds bad too that’s why I posted it lol. Batteries are only about 140-150mm wide.

I sorta want them the same size but just checking what other people think about it.


Would it be possible to just make it one dual esc? that would surely save some space

I could but then running a single motor setup would be more costly. Enertion is doing that anyways. I think the benefit is having more options vs less options. For now, I don’t see a need for a specific dual esc. Makes sense for Enertion since they only sell dual motor setups.


Probably looking into that a bit later that way it can be tied to a remote or something.

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You could have both could you not? This one that you have designed now for single motor as it won’t matter since there will only be one and then make a dual motor one

You could but then if you wanted to go from a single motor to dual motor setup. You would need to buy an entirely new ESC. I’ll look into a dual setup and see how much more cost effective it would be but last I remember I don’t think there was a huge benefit.


I would want to see being able to run in foc reliably

Yeah, I want FOC reliable also. We’ll continuously upgrade it to make it more reliable. Would be great to buy it once and not ever need another one. I actually have a few engineers working on it so any damaged ones we’ll take them back for more testing.


Also maybe a integrated switch.

As long as it’s no more than 70mm wide, can handle 80a, reliable FOC and has an available 5v port it’s perfect.


I don’t care about more amp as my current set up never pass 40A. (12s battery woohoo)BUT Small print def be more useful. Included switch and Bluetooth would nice feature. I really like changing setting on the fly these days

Also USB port need to be face up not side it’s hard to get to sometimes


VESC Firmware v3.39 added support for an AUX pin; currently only seems to be supported in the ‘super’ VESC Vedder is working on. Would be nice to have this on other VESCs too for lights/etc.

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I hope you’ve taken note of past forum posts not including this one. You need to add diodes in series with the 5v and 3V3 rails for external connectors. Simple but allows connections to other 5V or 3V3 powered devices, battery or not. You can look at old MacBook schematics on this as it’s easily seen. Called ORing diodes.

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You just continue to find new ways of parting me with money lol There are far more educated people on here that can help with the technical bits but coming from a rc background all I really want is a product that doesn’t pop at the first sign of trouble. Over engineer the thing please. If it makes the form factor larger then so be it but make it reliable whatever that takes and we can accommodate it and allow for the size in the easy bit of the build.
Good v4’s work in most of the configurations people employ but when you want to push the boundaries then you need a v6 and right now they are either crazy money or untested.
Features I would like to see

An integral switch

A remote programming port - the ability to mount a socket on the outside of the enclosure

A low voltage port/ports to accommodate accessories; lights cooling fan etc

Also a data sheet on purchase. It shocks me how many manufacturers sell a product without any paperwork at all. Take it to the next level and provide some basic settings info for the most popular configurations especially for the products that you sell.

Decent back up - If a problem is flagged within the community then act on it and fix the issue, don’t continue to sell it to new users who are unaware.

Provide a repair service for the product that we can utilise when we’ve been stupid.

Great news though and stop messing around on here and get on with building this thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would like 13mm to 15mm tops wide. I’d like a budget dual vesc; isn’t possible to save some space/money having a single pic handeling them both? An integrated Bluetooth would be too much to ask? :slight_smile: