New Personal EV "Box Board"! - Skateboard Anyone Can Ride!

Hello guys,

I made a new personal EV called “Box Board”, this is basically an electric skateboard with a box on top of it. This is much safer/easier to ride than a regular skateboard since you only have to worry about moving your weight left and right. Also, people who don’t know how to skateboard, they will also be able to enjoy skateboarding easily with this new concept.

I was going to patent this idea but I decided to make it an open source project so others can make something like this. This is just a “base model”, later I plan on making bigger models, different models for different uses. I am planning on a golf cart model also. Due to COVID19, small personal EVs like this I think will become very popular and these are designed with “slow speed” and “riding on sidewalk” in mind. Many handicapped people have told me they want one already also so I think there’s lots of uses. Especially the older crowd seemed to like the idea, I am planning for my retirement also by making these types of portable devices. The Box Board fits in a standard trunk of small car, which can possibly replace wheelchair for handicapped people who can still move their weight.

Here’s a video of the Box Board:

I have also built another bigger prototype with an icebox, this is one of the Box Board prototypes:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Let me know what you guys think, any feedback appreciated!


this is either a Genius move or a stupid move xD

Why not use an electric cooler while you’re at it ?

Or you could make a trailer for other things you might need on your picnic, for chairs, a table, rug, or even for a second person…

Probably will need to make it more powerful if it’s to add a second person tho lol

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Yes this is just the start of it but you can build so many different things with the idea.

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I have an apache 2600 case on top of my board. Sitting on it is not too bad, I want to try it with pneumatic wheels lol.

Yeah I just ordered some evolve pneumatic wheels, I did change to 6inch rubber tires today but not comfy for gravel off-road.

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My question is why don’t you just put the batteries in the icebox?

So is this competing in the Rascal Mobility space?