NEW pics up w/o shrinkwrap! 10s5p 80amp continuous battery pack

I have a 10s5p battery for sale. Built with Samsung batteries with anti-spark switch, on off button, battery gauge display, Bms, brand-new which I don’t need because I bought a complete setup. They retail for $540. Willing to let it go for 450 shipped. (as long as shipping is under $50)

Bryan 7147267611 text only [email protected]



Do you make custom battery packs? If so please PM ME (I’m in Cali)

@1Q-Ford sup dude. There’s one person in here that you can rely on for a reliable well built battery pack. @barajabali he won’t steer you wrong bro… You’re welcome I do have rafter 10S3P for sale though . I actually have the complete raptor 1 i’d rather sell as a complete but im willing to dismantle it, fuck it. Also have a space cell 4 (10S4P) Open to reasonable offers!

Thanks for the advice Bro