New player in tha house ! Walmart . Lol

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For kids, that looks pretty cool… Except for that fucking remote…did they really have to make it look as close to a gun as possible?? lol :worried:


Gun !!! Your so right !!lol

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Yeah, probably won’t be too long before some kid decides to paint it black, and potentially creates a real problem.

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Oh shit were all out of business guys…



The next evolution in Skateboarding!! It look my first DIY build ! Lol

The only thing great about this board besides that illuminati logo is the price!!! 150$ usd wow !! Can somebody do the conversion in Australia dollars lol !! Im pretty sure walmart is trying to emulate enertion s raptor lol

Kids should have to kick-Push until they are 12. It builds character!


Stupid Walmart site on Ipad. Convertion $209Aus not including postage. From 2 years ago you could get items shipped to Aus, but now I dont think they do it. 16km/hr. 40 min ride time decent.

Yep I had to look it up on YouTube

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Lol bro !!! The remote really look like a gun Lmao !! 10 sec two pair to remote with the board !! This is killing me :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Imagine you want to pass from slow mode too high !! And The double AA battery fall off the remote!! You’re in deep shit lol Honestly the 100w motor sound did kill the video this is pure performance !!! I think I will preorder one along with my raptor from enertion to do a torque review :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Walmart definately wont allow international shipping. Only has US states. Dam you Walmart. Theres also a 24V version. Oh well bit of fun. Just seen on 10 news gadget show saying ground breaking produtcs. And they show some alterrain eboard. Funny.

Altered has been around longer than Boosted…

A little strange that they haven’t made any changes now that I think about it.