New price for enertion raptor's

Hi guys I just want to know what you guys think of the new price For the raptor’s ?? I was about to order one and then Bang !! Is more expensive!! :frowning: I guess I’m gonna have to wait for the next sale !!

Sale was big, but it’s hard to quantify the time value of fun. Slightly more money for fun now vs. potentially less money for fun later. You may have already noticed, but these are actually priced in Aussie dollars as you’ll see the stated USD price fluctuations daily reflecting currency exchange rates. Think I paid $1458 in late Jan.

There will be another Carbon Fiber Deck coming soon. I’ll have some discounts as well.

So, don’t be sad :smile:

Working on all new parts built from the ground up.

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i hope @torqueboards will be more appealing and sweet and few curves that’s just an attention grabber .