New project. Loaded 42" Vanguard with BadBoy R-Spec


I just received this elements to build my e-longboard. I just waiting for the VESC from Enertion. I need to build an space cell with BMS included, but I don’t know with what technology; 10S3P LiPo or 12S LiFePo4. For the price and range probably I will chose the more dangerous LiPo. It should take more space but I think increasing range it will increase the fun.

I accept suggestions.

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I am a fan of Lipos! A lot of builders in here are building boards with 18650 battery cells, but it gets too complicated for my taste. Maybe I will try it out in the future. For your first build I would recommend that you go with Lipo batteries simply because of the convenience.

why don’t you get the space cells from enertion?

Thanks for your comments, at the end I valorate to make an 10s2p with lipo. It should be enaugh to start the project.

I bought a new puley 36 that it will be adapted to attach on the in heat wheel.

I found a big problem with te motor mount adapter. It is not 100% compatible with my Caliper 50. I was sure that the enertion truks had the same specifications. I should work in this adaptor :frowning: pain in the ***.

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You must have something on wrong if the motor mount doesn’t fit correctly

For the pictures of the enertion trucks it seams the angle is more vertical than my Caliper.

If you can se my picture I didn’t install the truck elevator. Maybe it will improve a bit the gap separation between motor and board, but I’m not sure if it will be enoght.

Depending on the deck and how you angle the mount…yes you may or may not use a riser.

There’s nothing wrong with the mount

You do realize that the three bolts holding the carbon to the main mount…you can play with the angle a little it doesn’t need to be topped out

I have to use a half inch riser on my vanguard to clear the motors

I think your trucks are on backwards.

You have to use the 1/2" riser with that mount.

I’m using the same wheels as you. Would love to see how yours turns out in regard to attaching the wheel pulley.

Do you think? I can’t find another mount position but maybe i’m wrong. I will attach a detailled pictures to discuse it. Thanks.

Oh! I bougth a 9 mm risers. I hope will be good.

New risers 9mm installed

New cog mecanized

Was it easy to drill through the wheels? Any tips or suggestions?

The material of this wheels are very soft. Don’t be a problem.

Hi guys,

I decided to modify the pice of carbon of my Enertion motor mount. For any reason this carbon pice put my motor super high and then touches on the board very easy. This is my new alu pice. It was a nightmare because I had a belt to short. I bougt a biger one.

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indent preformatted text by 4 spacesBatteyes arrived. Nice! Tomorrow spot welding with nickel stripes.