New project - New beginnings (Parts Needed)

HI Guys

Totally new to all this, but recently got a mountain I want to convert to electric. Obvs i will be scouring the net for parts but if anyone has parts the wish to part with please get in touch. At the min all i have is a complete scrub board. I plan to change the trucks for mbs matrix 2, but will also require motor mounts (with\without full pulley sys) for this.

If anyone can offer advise where to go for certain parts it will be most appreciated. Unfortunately my budget is not big, but i am patient enough to wait to gather all the parts i need to get on road :wink:

Thanks in advance.

If you are interested, I have an all terrain board I am about to offer up, would you be interested in…

  • Haggy Bergmeisters orange wheels w/ Zealous steel bearings and solid printed 60T pulleys
  • Psychotiller 270mm HeXL truck
  • Boardnamics idler mounts w/ 385-HTD5M-15 belts
  • MayTech 190kv 6374 motors w/ 15T pulleys
  • Apache 1800 case w/ waterproof cable glands, waterproof sensor wire ports, waterproof 5.5x2.1 barrel port, and FS power button hole (mounts to rear truck)
  • 25ish cycle Hyperion 12s3p 30Q bypassed battery


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could you send a pic and prices pls

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