New project: Razer Scooter

Impulse bought this bad boy for $25 at a thrift store in Brooklyn. It runs, but barely. I figure I could drop a hoverboard battery in and get it choochin’ in no time. Thoughts? IMG_20180831_201646

Step One: remove the rear wheel

Step Two: remove front truck of your Esk8

Step Three: bolt blue scooter :kick_scooter: to deck

Step Four: zip tie remote to throttle area

Step Five:wear helmet

Step six: don’t die



I’ve got one of those, It gets a reasonable top speed.

Don’t over-volt that thing unless you upgrade the ESC, it’ll fry its self otherwise.

If I remember correctly, it’s got a 24V battery using lead acid. Motor is a plain DC brushed motor.

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You do remember correctly. The battery spec (2x 7ah 12v lead acid in series) is written on the side

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You guys think this can handle 8s?