NEW Raptor 2 for Sale (delivered 4/25)

Hi All,

I have a brand new Raptor 2 that was just delivered for sale. Never been out of the box or even opened. I ordered the board well over a year ago thinking I’d have it by last summer. Once it got delayed I ordered a Metroboard and planned to cancel the raptor pre-order. After seeing the cancellation fee I figured I’d just wait for delivery and then sell one of the boards. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

SOLD, thank you to all that were interested.


This is probably the only IN-STOCK new Raptor2 for sale in the whole world.

If you put your location on your profile it helps a lot so folks know where this would be shipping from.

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Good point, thanks. Added location.

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Any idea if the warranty transfers?

If warranty is transfer I’ll buy it

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Yes I just messaged Enertion support and the warranty will transfer.

Yes, warranty will transfer!

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Pm sent hehe

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If not sold. I’m interested and will pay today

probably best to make your own post man this one looks like it’s been sold already and won’t get many eyes on it glws none the less

Yep you’re totally right! Somehow I didn’t manged to find the option “create new topic”. Don’t ask :smile: