New Raptor 2 for Sale

Hi Guys,

I finally received both of the Raptor 2’s that I ordered! Just got them today! Anyways, as it took much longer than expected for them to arrive, I ended up building YET ANOTHER board while I waited. Long and short of it, is that I’m only going to keep one and am planning on selling the other as I have too many boards. The one you will receive is brand new in box.

This would be perfect for anyone wanting to skip the long wait times if you were to order a Raptor 2 now.

PM me if you’re interested as shipped price depends on where you are located - I’m in Canada.


Pm sent out to u

Based on this ebay listing here:

I’m thinking $1,600 plus actual shipping is a fair price.

If you end up getting it. Can we meet up? I would really like to try it out!

He’s going to pass, but you can buy it :slight_smile:

Anyways, hoping to keep it in the community which is why I posted here first, but seems like I can get top dollar from Ebay :sweat_smile:

yeah go eBay, people can go nuts, hopefully you don’t get some deadbeat no payer, eBay doesn’t let you leave negative feedbacks these days.

I’m gonna pass, the full urethane of the CarvOn V3/V4 is hard to give up.

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eBay has a lot of fees though make sure to look at them

Maybe @onloop will let you sell it back to him?

1600? I’ll buy it for that.

Sending PM.

Sale is pending

SOLD!!! This Raptor 2 is getting a new home.


I’m thinking about selling mine as well if there is interest. I pre-ordered when I didn’t have a kid. Now I do and there isn’t much time to ride…

PM me if interested.

Only a few kms on it so far. Pretty much new.

What’s the asking price?

LOL. I can totally relate. I ride an hour or two on the weekends and when it cools down at night like it finally did here, I ride up and down the block after the wife and daughter goes to bed.

I’m thinking $1550 USD plus shipping (which is around $80 USD in Canada/USA)

Lol yeah man. Was super stoked when I ordered this thing thinking I was going to go everywhere on it. We used to be near some nice riding paths along the seawall, but we moved for more space, so now there aren’t as many good places to ride and no time!

ist sold? do you know where can i find one ?

Sorry my friend. It is sold.