New Raptor 2 Remote

Hello Esk8ers,

I have the Raptor 2, the remote works perfectly, however on R-Spec mode, it has too much power for the small range of the remote throttle.

Do you have any recommendations for a new remote? I would prefer a “gun” style trigger one with smooth range of motion for the throttle, as the Raptor’s one is a bit jumpy it can make you fall of the board anytime you tap it.


My advice is to spend some time on the board with the Nano-X remote and get used to it. It won’t take long until you get used to the short throw.

But if you are set on moving on to a new remote then the mini trigger is popular for good reason. I started off with that remote on my first board but I much prefer a thumb throttle after using one for a while.



Is the mini trigger smooth? the finger does not get tired after holding it?

Im not sure how long it takes getting used to the nano X remote, maybe i will give it a few more rides and see how it goes before changing.

Its just that Raptor 2 has alot of power (for me, i am new to Esk8) and it can be unpredictable.

I guess your Raptor has unity or focbox. Then connect to the relative vesc tool or unity app and regulate the throttle and braking curve. I have nano-x as well and I agree that the excursion is limited but if you regulate the throttle becomes really good.


yes it’s very smooth, nice long throw. Haven’t had any finger tiredness, it’s a very light throttle.

To be fair it’s probably the user that is unpredictable in this case :slight_smile: There is a learning curve in e-skate. It’s about building up muscle memory and learning throttle control. It’s all about small smooth movements of the thumb. You also need to learn to put your weight on the front foot during acceleration and on the back foot when braking. It takes a little time but you will get there.

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Can you take some screenshots of your remote settings from the tool you use please? I can use BLDC tool for nano x enertion

you need to calibrate your remote before any ride. I had the same problem but with the calibration it works now.

I calibrate always, that is not the issue…

if you use BLDC tool (really old version of vesc tool) I guess you have focbox. If it is still under warranty then fine like that otherwise you better download ackmaniac or new vesc tool firmware and flash it in the focbox. Since the BLDC tool there were many and many updates that made the ride way better adn remote more adjustable. I am not even sure you can adjust the throttle curve in the BLDC tool. It is a more recent feature. So first of all, Raptor still under warranty?

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Board is not under warranty, and yes it had dual focboxes.

Enertion has their own BLDC tool i believe, which i have downloaded and opened, but never changed any settings.

Enertion has his own now with unity, but before it’s just a BLDC tool. Focbox is compatible with all the firmware out there. So either you download this one (Ackmanianc one) or the original Vesc tool from the website

Both of them work pretty well. I have been using the Ackmaniac version for a over a year and I like it a lot. SInce you can then pair it with a cheap HM-10 module and swap setting from your phone. Vesc tool ask a more expensive module to do that. Ackamaniac will work fine, trust me :wink:

Once downloaded it from the dropbox, open on your PC (only windows). Connect your focbox (master first) as you usually do and follow this simple tutorial. The software will tell you that your focbox firmware is to old so you have to update to the correct one image Under firmware select 410 &411 ecc and flash it. Takes 5 second. image

Turn off and on again the vesc and reconnect it Now follow this tutorial

Set first the Master side (ID 0) Then turn off, disconnect and do the same on the slave side. Always use the wizard. When you have done with it I will tell you how to adjust the remote. Maybe seems a lot but it’s like 5 minutes procedure if you know what to do. You are not using the whole potential of your board, just to be clear. I do not know the standard setting on a Raptor but I guess they are a bit conservative. Ah before do everything read the setting on the BLDC tool of Motor max, Motor min, Battery max and Battery min. So you can apply the same ones later. At least at the beginning. This passage will give you way more control then change the remote. Good luck!


You only need to calibrate it once.


Ackmaniac is the best fw out there, use it :slight_smile:

Smooth throttle all the way!

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no he is talking about the nano-x. I believe

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Man thank you for all the information that you took your time!

There is one problem however, on my master FocBox the usb plug has broken, maybe i can solder it back on… but i am not sure…

Also, my board can already connect to the Ackmaniac ESC monitor from google play store… it allows me to change some settings like create custom motor settings etc… but i’m not sure where to find throttle settings

This is the one i can connect to and change settings

That’s not the same. You’re still using the standard fw and it’s prone to be jerky. Ackmaniac fw is a lot easier to control and makes it easy to deliver the power to the ground without falling off. I use ack 3.102 and Foc mode


from the Ackmaniack app where you make a new mode there is a voice called throttle curve or special curve, something like that . there you can adjust it. Although if you do not run the Ackmaniac software on yuor Focbox then it won’t apply the setting. You need it’s own software installed.

To connect without USB, no problem, you can connect to the vesc with the usb and move to the other vesc via CAN bus. Search for it. or you can use a TCP connection through the app. The latest works but it’s a bit unstable so not always works at first try. Both PC and phone has to be under same wifi or hotspot from phone and close to the board. Anyhow on the forum is all written.

image Here where to do the connection via can. You connect to the vesc with USB. Then flash that one. Then under connection you see forward via can to. If set correctly ID 0 is the master ID 1 is the slave. so put ID 0 and press CAN–> You should see the classical green bar lower right that tells you are connect to the master vesc now. IT should also tell you that the firmware is too old ecc… flash the master too. Then follow the tutorial, just keep in mind you have to go to master first via CAN.


I still dont understand man, you are saying i can connect via USB to my slave focbox, and then from that same USB via the software on my computer i can switch to master focbox?

If i can, that would be great since i dont have to buy another focbox just to update firmware.

You also have a Raptor 2? how different is the feel of the board after flashing new firmware?

I don’t have a Raptor too, but I used a lot of VESC ecc… believe me that the latests firmware are worth it. Above I add a paragraph showing where to find the CAN connection.