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New refurbs in Madrid

Oh man…someone in madrid is refurbing some eskates with li ions…

if i have the right battery and counted right thats a 28.6AH battery so 1058WH so 100KM range ±7

sweet lord

i’ve seen his numerous videos in youtube . he just hot~glued all of those 18650s ! ! ! ! with no end caps to cover those cells . he’s delightfully insane . make me want to make my own pack of 10s 7p of 18650s :sunglasses:

I’m following him on instagram after i saw him like some of my stuff. there’s some crazy shit going on over there for sure. Loving it.

and yeah you can totally hot glue cylindrical cells together. There’s nothing wrong with that. They’re already encased in a metal cylinder, they’re not like foil pouches which gasp are often just glued together, if they’re even glued… multistars are not glued, just shrink wrapped. As long as the whole thing is encased in something its all good for the most part.