New repaired 12s4p Molicell P42a

I bought 2 batteries from a guy in LA with the plan to sell one after repair and modify the other one down to a 10s pack for my own use. Okay the one available for sale was the one that came in the board but would not accept the initial charge once he got it. So I opened it up and it turns out that what are the balance leads had come off and the negative charge wire input wire looks like it was chewed up a bit upon building it so it’s never had any cycles put through it and I’m repairing it tonight. So it’s a new battery doesn’t have any cycles through it and it’s good to go it is a meepo hurricane battery. And comes in an aluminum case or box but once it’s removed from the box it looks like any other high quality Molly cell battery so don’t let the fact that it was from a meepo hurricane turn you off. They’re $699 bucks from meepo and I’ll take 475 for a quick sale I’m located in Orange County California I don’t know anything about shipping but I guess it’s possible I don’t know. Keep in mind these pictures are before the repair is made which will be done before selling or shipping.