New Samsung 40T Does anyone use these if so whats your experience with them?

Was Planning On Using Them. For 12s 1p

25a cont max, and even then they heat up.

If you want max amps from a 21700 cell your options are either p24a(4250mah) or 30t(3000mah). Both do 30a without sacrifices

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Works great on my boards, 12s2p Samsung 40t have twice or three times power of 30q, keeps overall weight and volume down of battery box, very little voltage sag. No overheating issues, your vesc will overheat before your batteries do imo.

Samsung 40t is rated for 35amps continuous and also 45amps under 80 degrees Celsius.

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Ok I’ll go up to 12s2p instead. Thanks

From the manufacturer, sure.

Mooch, an independent battery ‘reviewer’ has them rated for 25a continuous and 30 burst, because the cells warm up considerably.

“At 35A continuous this cell reaches almost 90°C. That is too hot to ensure decent cycle life.”

Here are his test and info graphs:

Hmm Interesting thanks for the info. I’ll check out the other batteries too might be worth comparison shopping.

Molicell p24a <- Google it

Are these Japanese?

No idea

Ok I’ll look into. Thanks

Well I think those tests are based on obviously at full battery current discharge. But I think we need a separate test for esk8. The problem with those tests is they don’t account for real life riding.

E.g. I ride mostly on SF steep hills which are probably one of steepest hills in the world. With 12s2p and dual 6355 motors I never had any issues with battery temp, just VESC overheating when going up steep hills continuously for 10 min which I fixed with exposing my heatsink to outside air.

I did log my rides several times on my vesc app and I saw that I never really used more than 40amps battery current. I just had a few burst of 30 to 40amps on the steepest hills but on moderate hills it stays below 30 amps.

So essentially my board never had to use the full 70amps maybe that’s why it’s working fine. Also even if it did I think it will be a few seconds of burst. Which is why those tests are informative but doesn’t tell the whole story for esk8. Best thing is to actually test it while riding an esk8, I am gonna put a temperature meter and start testing this stuff to get done to bottom of it.

For my 12s setup it works flawless but I am going to go set my battery max to 50amps just to be safe.

You should always setup your battery capacity and discharge to never go near maximum levels anyways so your battery will last longer. If you do the math right it should be fine but definitely much less voltage sag than 30q setup imo.

But gonna look into those new batteries, thx!


Well it seem that molicell p24a are better but have a bit shorter cycle life. Also they are slightly bigger not really 2700. Waiting for my order to come in will do some independent testing.

I think they are talking about Molicel 21700 P42A not P24A :slight_smile:

I bought 36 P42 cells a couple of month ago for my next batterybuild. 12S3P. But there is always so much stuff to do so I have not yet put them together. Today I run my DIY board on 12S3P Sanyo 18650GA 3350mAh cells, they have good capacity but bad current output.