New section of the forum - improvements section

Hi guys! What do you think about a special section or just a thread where all improvements are gathered together (let’s call them upgrades, as this is super awesome forum already!)

Personally, what I would like to see is some more threads like @onloop created in the early days - but about the batteries!

Also - a perhaps more organised topic with some easy to see graphical icons for the most detailed / useful topics would also be great!

I hope i dont sound too outstretched with this, it is just my experience with finding and reading info and sometimes concluding thet the topic i want to read cannot be easly found anymore (probably should bookmark or start watching every topic which peeks my interest).

Anyways the idea is to make a list of good / useful topics related to one topic (like batteries) in one place. I think some other forums also create these “summarys” so that new users dont have to bring up stuff that’s already discussed somewhere.

We also need something like this for arduino projects! A way to put them in one easy to find place!

Ok so tell me what do u think about this… will try to commemt on some of the aspects I mentioned here if I was not clear enough :wink:


The ‘‘picture view’’ could look something like this:

Taken from

This way… it would also be more easy to discern / choose topics, perhaps just a picture itself is interesting enough to open it and look what’s there!


So - is there any resonance for this idea?

I’d really like to go over the most useful topics on this site… and just pin them down! Just like Onloop did in the early days, by creating his awesome ‘‘walktrhoughs’’ about different parts and sections of the eboard making :wink:

Sounds like a good idea to me, what can I do to help?

I think the first step would to be determine what we want to see - what sections / info graphics of summary’s of info!

Personally, Im interested in Li-ion batteries, so this could be one of the first tasks to tackle -

compile all useful info in somewhat one thread… not that we directly copy it to the new place, just put fragments or description about what can be found in each topic… some of these topics consist of 100+ posts

true, LIPO’s are also popular. Might wanna look at decks, VESC;s (by manufacturer), sample VESC configs, wheels, etc.

yes, vescs might be another great area where to compile the most important info…

Though - one thing - you might need to be on this one alone… not owning a vesc, so hard to orient myself, what’s best and what’s not best for putting in front for others :slight_smile:

I’d like to get at least 3 other guys interested in this ‘‘thing’’

if there were 5 of us, and each of us took an area or a field, which is important for us, it might work and we might contribute something to the forum by doing this (gathering the important stuff)!

Im not usre Im qualified for that :). Ive only bought 2, 1 DIY & 1 MEB, but Im still confused as hell about them.

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Ok, cool, no worries, so these are the available ‘‘vacancies’’ for now: :slight_smile:

  1. Battery info (@okami right now, but others welcome)
  2. ESC related (incl VESC’s) info (vacancy open)
  3. Deck / Trucks & wheels info (vacancy open)
  4. Info graphics or just simplifications of the existing info (will work on this later)

Some other suggestions are also welcome but one first thing to do - would be to find out how much has been ‘‘done’’ already… and what we dont need to do with our time :slight_smile:

@mmaner I quickly checked the forum… basically it looks like the only ‘‘guide’’ about building, which is easy one to find, is Onloop’s mechanic drive train thread. Other than that I dont see much about trucks, wheels, decks and batteries.

Will try to put some thought into this, how it could be best managed.

I’d really like to try and make some ‘‘infographics’’ like - battery types, basically all the battery related info in some ‘‘simple’’ graphic - picture.

I am the visio master, if that helps :).

I was thinking for individual items, like decks, wheels, trucks, batteries, enclosures, etc. that a list of vendors for each product type, with a list of the products and maybe comments from users of each product on what they liked.disliked about each individual product. Something like this…

Where the Company names are replace by logos, and each entry is a hyperlink to the specific product.

What do you think?

I know what you mean, as forums grow it gets more difficult to find answers to specific questions.

I’m starting to write out my own explanations of the parts of esk8 on my site. Vesc is next up(its all i use).

trying to use more pictures and video but it takes so much longer to make them over just writing something…



Your guides look quite good I think…

I think it could also be part of the ‘‘job’’ (task) to collect all the useful resources (also outside this forum) and just put them in one place for people to find!

I also got this idea today that there should, perhaps, be a dedicated ‘‘soldering thread’’… I know it had been mentioned here and there but I think there’s still some info (tips & tricks) that not all newcomers will know and find about… so it might be useful to put all of that info in somewhat one place, to be easly found…

I know there are many great youtube videos but some text desciptions might also work ok… since not always there is time to watch lenghty videos lol

@mmaner I think your idea is not that bad either… though I think there are some ppl who have tried that already before you… only in excel or so… it should be checked whenever you dont start copying a work someone has already done… at least I think it was not you personally, who had already made something similar elsewhere (the vendor list…)

I wasn’t thinking just a vendor list, it might be better to show the products and the show the vendor info to purchase. In fact the more I think about it that sounds way better, doesn’t look like advertising and is closer to being a ‘guide’. Definitely need a soldering/connector types section, that & enclosures were my biggest stumbling blocks getting started.

Just let me know how you want to begin, I am game. You want the info in HTML format or just post it here as a message or what?

Yeah, sorry for not specifying - vendor and their product list. Im not so much in tune with all the vendors but if you @mmaner are ready and have checked their pages many times, I assume it can be done and you could be up for the job to make it easier for others to search for parts and look up what’s available n such…

uhm for start Im imagining just some regular forum threads / topics with all the info in text (or better with pictures) with links and all of that (if that topic is a summary about stuff mentioned in other topics or outside the forum)

For something we create on our own… like that Vendor and parts list I assume it could be made in html or somewhere outside of the forum, to make it look better.

Though, im not so experienced with html, so creating something image based might be more achievable for me, personally.

Thanks for ‘‘patting me on the shoulder’’ for supporting the idea about soldering & connectors section. I think this could be one of the areas to start, as me, personally, have not seen that many in-detail posts about how to solder or what connectors to choose etc…

Info can be found in seperate topics… but it is usually ppl asking single questions and then getting lenghty answers and sometimes some videos from youtube (so far it seems)

Im happy to post the info anywhere. It might be better to get @onloop involved, maybe he can make a directory on the web server available for FAQ’s that we create, and then we could link to those from a sticky post.

You have been very knowledgeable about the battery/architecture info Ive seem from you, so no pat on the back just the facts. I just remember on first build walking around for days trying to figure out the enclosure problem, not wanting to spend $70 on one. If I had seen some of the other travesties people have created, I would have save my time and just bought it :slight_smile:.

And I still remember how pissed I was that none of the vendors I bought parts from told me I needed XT60 connectors to make a series harness for batteries, or that the receiver didn’t come with a lead to connect tot eh ESC, etc. In retrospect, I can see how difficult it is to figure out what someone DOES NOT know in a project like this.

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thanks. I actually already started to collect some of the resources too.

My idea was to have an easy place for newbies to start researching instead of answering the same question over or telling people to “read more search more” lol.

Thats funny, I just finished setting up a camera mount on my soldering station so the next time I work on any xt60/90 connectors I think i’ll have a quick video, it was tricky the first few times…

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Organising info better is always welcomed, The easiest way is to link to well written articles from this pinned thread:

We could also create more pinned threads in specific categories, dedicated to specific topics which link to the best threads about that topic.

Also. People need to make sure the threads they create have very descriptive titles. Also use tags.


Thanks @onloop for stepping in! I was not entirely sure at which stage to ‘‘welcome’’ you into this discussion but your tips are useful… part of the reason why you started to make this forum - to make the information more easly accesible to the others and make it easy to find…

So how do we start exactly? Should we ask some moderators to step in once we have found these ‘‘dedicated topics’’ or something else?

Im not sure how we will be able to ‘‘reinforce’’ tag making and desciptive text making but, perhaps, it can be also done, with the help of others (moderators included).

Anyone can create a new thread that is dedicated to linking to other topics.

I say go for it!

If it is done well we can have it pinned.

P.s. Sometimes the reason you can’t find good info is it hasn’t been written yet. Or it spans across multiple threads. So writing great articles on the topics you like might need to happen first. Then create a big thread linking to it and similar topics.

P.p.s info must be factual and accurate… that’s why sometimes its better to start by doing the reasearch, then start some new threads with the concise and we’ll researched content. Thats what I did when I created the first few posts on this forum. Some of the articles took days to write and months of research :wink: