New Single Build for my Brother

I have a 10s4p build with those cells: But i have now ordered a spotwelder to make a new 10s4p pack with the same cells. I don’t know in what time you want to build you’re board. But when making my own pack go good. I want to make also packs for the esk8 community.

PS: I am from Belgium

Thank you for that beautiful explanation!

In your calculations, do the 1000W mean we are assuming this single drive build brings out a 1000W?

I just chose 1000W as an arbitrary value. The ratio stands for any amount of power though.

Since 2 30Qs in parallel could put out 40A, I’d set your VESC to output 30A just to leave some headroom to keep the cells healthy. That should give you a little more than 1000W which a 6355 would be able to handle fine. Look for a motor around 190kV.

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ok so i think i am gonna go for a 10s2p as this gives me more power and less voltage sag than any of the other options, while having about the same amount of cells. furthermore i have been reading that voltage sag can influence range so significantly that 10s2p should still outperform a 6s3p in terms of range, even though it would have more mAh.

That said, i have questions about building a 10s2p:

I understand how to wire up balance leads in a 1p battery like here

but how do i go about that in a 2p? Do i join the balance leads on the packs in parallel as well before they go into the bms etc ?

Calling all battery builders

@barajabali @longhairedboy @willpark16

You simply add the cells to those single rows however if you don’t u derstamd how to add parallel cells I wouldn’t advise to go out and build a battery, have someone do it for you or read some more

You connect the 20 batteries into parallel and then you will have 10x 2p packs once that is done you connect the 2p packs into series to give 10s2p. The balance leads go onto all of the series connections I believe

you’re going to need blood. A lot of blood. And a transmutation circle.

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haha thanks for the input guys :slight_smile: i understand how to wire cells in series or parallel, no problem. what i dont understand is

  1. in a 1p obviously each cell can be measured individually through the balance leads. but in a 2, 3 … 550p :smiley: how does that work? i join two cells in parallel an just have them use the balance leads together?

  2. if i wanna make a really flat pack, so lets say 10 x 2 next to each other (not stacked on top), how do i go about seperating them, so they dont short on the poles when the two rows are lying „next to each other“? just a bunch of isolating tape?

hope you understand what i am asking here hahah :slight_smile: cheers guys

  1. Yes the two cells just use the one balance lead

  2. You can use whatever you like eg. cardboard, tape, rubber or foam. Anything that is nonconductive

Maybe some battery builders can let you know what they use

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Hey so i was thinking … a 7S3P would still be better than a 10S2P?

1000W / 25.9V (7S) = 38.61A 38.61A / 3 (3P) = 12.87A per cell

Is this thinking correct? The 10S BMS on alien systems is sold out for a while, thats why i am looking into other options. Are there reasons why a 10s2p would still be preferred over a 7s3p? The cell count only differs by 1 cell …

I have this small BMS but i don’t have tested yet

Interesting! Cause that one also has a switch and a cable for LED indicators … Do you think they are shipping from within Europe?

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Yeah its a very small bms included the switch and led indicators cable :slight_smile: . I’am from belgium but i have orderd from them with ebay but they have stopped selling on ebay. You can send them a mail, they answer very fast

You could get these, they look good!

its true thats a pretty cool offer. only thing is that id prefer 30q cells over 25r and i kind of wanna take the challenge and build my own battery pack :slight_smile:

It’d honestly be cool if you make it yourself! I’m just scared since I think it’s the most important/dangerous part and I just don’t trust my hands(( Do you have any tools? Spot welder, soldering iron?

Yes i have a 100w soldering iron :slight_smile:

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A while later … :smiley:

Not the best hot glue and soldering job but the cells stayed cool and the connections feel legit :slight_smile: