NEW - SPACE CELL PRO3 & PRO4 - Plus Tough Case



I have redesigned the SPACE cell battery, It now comes in a tough impact resistance hard case that can be quickly mounted to any stiff deck with 560mm or more wheelbase using the supplied mounting kit.

A Big Thanks goes out to this awesome community! & The continued support you offer my business! Enertion has grown bigger because of you & we can now afford to offer this Awesome Battery for the same price as the previous 10S3P version. So you now get all this for the same amazing price of $345USD shipped anywhere in the world.


  • 270WH or 360WH Options
  • 10S3P or 10S4P
  • Samsung 25R Cells
  • Built in Digital Fuel Gauge
  • Built in On/Off Switch
  • Built in charge port
  • Built in 40A Fuse
  • Gloss Black Tough Case Included
  • Mounts Direct to deck
  • Rubber seal around edge to protect internals from dust & moisture ingress
  • Internal cavity designed to house up to 2pcs VESC & Receiver
  • Comes with 2A Charger (Fast Charger Available)
  • Free World Wide Shipping (Note: some countries are difficult to ship to ATM, Australia & New Zealand)
  • some basic mods, such as drilling holes for motors wires, will be required.


Compact 2A Charger Included


For existing SPACE Cell Owners you can Buy the Tough Case Separately and upgrade your existing ride.

Congratulations!! Finally!!! Just ordered all parts I need form you.

Keep rocking!

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Thanks MATE! This has been a long time coming… Finally managed to make it happen…


Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ! Looks badass !

Great product! When ist the 10s4p Cell for the Raptor ready?

It will be ready soon, just waiting for the parts to arrive then I will build the battery, then test it. The only way to get batteries into Australia now is in parts… :frowning:

makes prototype testing very hard.

Very nice buddy! Another step closer to greatness for Enertion. :slight_smile:

That’s a game changer.

I would like to see even larger packs for greater range

Very slick and professional looking!!

really? i think a car becomes a better choice when you want to travel more than 40km

I will consider larger pack for my all terrain board though… but the thats different.

That’s a good point.

40 km range is good but isn’t that taking it down to its minimum on a regular basis going to wear out the cells quickly?

To get the best life from a battery it should never be fully charged or discharged. so i suppose if you completely discharge the battery every day maybe you only get the low end of 600-800 cycles instead of maybe 1000+

i just don’t think people need much more on an electric skateboard…

here are my reasons.

  1. the price of bigger batteries is a lot
  2. the weight is a lot
  3. fitting it on the deck whilst keeping it slim becomes a new difficult challange.
  4. rarely do people need to have such greater capacity. (there are some cases but not common enough)

I think this is going to be a big seller for enertion

On the original Space Cell, when I charge to 100% and immediately unplug it, the voltage display drops down to about 87% or so. Is that considered fully charged? Should I not be charging to 100%?

is the light going green on the charger? or is it just the screen that shows 100%?

Just the screen goes to 100% I unplug it right away. I’ve never left it on long enough for the charger to go green.

Have you noticed how when riding, the voltage sags, but when you get off the board and wait a bit the voltage goes up a bit? Voltage under load (amps) is different than resting battery voltage when discharging; something similar occurs when charging.

Yup, figured that was the case. I was just wondering if fully charged meant when the display hits 100% or when the charger goes green. I’m assuming its when the charger goes green in which case, we shouldn’t wait for it to go green in order get the best life from the battery. Correct?

charger has to go green, when your battery hits 100% the amperage from the charger tapers off so that at complete rest your battery is 100% charged. if you remove it from the charger when the battery says 100% then the battery goes in to rest and shows a lower capacity.