New sport, Bike tipping

So there is a new service in my City called Limebike

They leave bikes all over the city and you use an app to locate and rent a bike, the app will unlock the bike when ready for use it sounds like a cool idea.

Problem is every where you look there are these bikes on sidewalks it’s honestly making Miami uglier on top of making the city ugly they also clog up the sidewalks and sometimes you have no choice but to ride on the sidewalks but these ugly bikes are in the way also in this city people do 60 in a 40 and it’s normal lol.

What I have been doing is every time I see one of these bikes blocking the sidewalk I just tip it over, it frees up the side walk, makes me feel good and hopefully sends a message to the company

Has anyone else had any similar problems

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We have those around here as well. I never see anyone riding them and they are just piled up everywhere… Kinda scummy imo.

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lol i know what you mean, we don’t have those here where i live in florida thank god. look what happend in china.


They arent everywhere but they are where i live and it sucks, Im in Miami what part of florida do you live in?

two and half hours north east, i live in vero beach. Strait across from tampa on the east coast.

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oh nice they have nice places to ride up there, My plan is to move a little more north in the future near Orlando area.

Orlando is nice area, but be careful. Orlando is the number one place for pedestrians to get ran over!


Yeah this is terrible,

It’s like t-34… they just make…forever


lol i had to look closer in the first two pictures…just ridiculous.

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wow such a waste of money and resources for what? i really hope they recycle those bikes and make something useful.

They have so much bike that if the tire get puncture, or some minor issue happend, they just dump it in one place together and leave it. and bring out new one. Chinese Gov wants to have clean city reputation, so they funded this project. Tho they pushed too far XD.

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Recycling the bikes will be easy enough.

But tires don’t recycle.

That’s a lot of bikes

thats true, those are alot of tires.

Used tires are used as playground cushions, asphalt filler and one cat used them in a volcanon on April fool’s to make everyone think an eruption was iminent.

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