New style VESC (vesc 6)

I was wondering if anyone has tried making the new style VESC not sure what the actual name of it is but i have seen it called VESC 6 and VESC X. Does anyone know if you can order the PCBs from anywhere? Also does anyone have a decent BOM or is it the same as the first VESC? I can get a lot of the parts for cost and would like to give building one myself a shot. Also once you do have it built can you use all the same tools for flashing the VESC as the first one?

I tried building the first one a couple times and could get them to flash but that was about as far as I got. The new board looks like there is a little more space and an easier layout to follow if that makes sense. I know the first one vedder posted everything online but i cant seem to find much about this new one.

First style vesc…

New Style…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There has bin 2 people that have done it already one called “B-box” and “Escape”

VESC X and VESC 6 are different things. Vesc X is an upgraded Vesc 4.12 design in another form factor with a bit better components and now sold as the Focbox. Also similar to Ollin 1.1 and esk8 controller and the like.

Vesc 6 is the new hardware revision from Vedder and originally you could only get them from trampa, but now stewii and bimmer are making them too.

Anyways, so far i haven’t seen someone make his own upgraded Vesc 4.12 or Vesc 6 in a small scale, only bimmer and stewii seem to be doing it commercially.

The Vesc Tool should handle every Vesc right now.