New TB ESC 6? worth waiting for?

TB is coming out with new vesc, saw on their website but not out yet. research says original VESC from trampa is the best and most reliable but not exactly fond of dropping about 500-600 USD for 2 of those VESCs. talking about BUDGET vesc 6s…theres flipsky, maytech which doesnt seem like they have definitive opinions from anyone. i do want to run FOC mode on dual 6374s on 10s, question is what else can i use other than original VESCx2/focbox unity, whats in the market now thats reliable before the new TB esc 6 singles comes out?

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I need some help with the best option for me on a speed controller they would recommend for an AWD DD build

Stay away from flipsky vescs, they aren’t reliable.

Maytech have proven to be ok, like @longhairedboy likes the 6.x superfoc, and I have had good experience with the 4.x superfoc

People have stated their issues with the black box Maytech controller though, something about how it interfaces with your remote isn’t great

Imo Vedder vesc 6s are where its at, if you want the authentic vesc experience.

That being said there are plenty of other options being cooked up currently, so if you wait maybe… 4 months (pretty much the duration of winter, if you’re NA) there will be more vesc 6 and even improved vesc 4 revisions

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Avoid flipsky…

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