New TB110 Really Big Wheels

I have been testing some new @torqueboards wheels lately and the latest version of them is really kicking my ass. So out with the words, and in with the photos.

Gorgeous :heart: 20181028_223224_HDR%20(copy)

This contact patch takes railroad tracks and potholes like a CHAMP 20181028_223656

This diameter makes streetplates and sidewalk cracks melt under your feet 20181028_223623

No chunks 20180919_183826

These are massive 20180902_174617_HDR

So I’ve been riding these for a few months now and I can’t imagine why anyone would want pneumatics. These soft monsters deliver a plush ride with the range-extending efficiency of DEEP premium polyurethane. You can squeeze these in your hand. They seem to be about a 74A - ish the way they feel to me. I don’t have a shore durometer, so I’m not for certain. They’re definitely a much better ride than SuperFly and they have a stronger, smaller core which allows for even deeper polyurethane.

Beautiful 20180723_013312 20180723_013355

Some earlier tests 20181125_020233%20(copy)

wash me, please 20181125_020312%20(copy)

YES, PLEASE :heart: they are screaming to be ridden :smirk: 20181028_223346

If you have any questions, hit me up folks.

More information is available from the manufacturer



My understanding was that lighter wheels give more range, is it correct? So is these are as heavy as nummies, the range should be equal?

The range is affected mainly by the rolling resistance and these will go further than pneumatics with everything else being the same. An 80mm 82A wheel will go further than these will, but your legs will be toasted before you get there.​

The wheel weight technically does affect range but realistically it affects it so little that it basically doesn’t affect it.



I’ve never seen you so animated.


@torqueboards will any other color be available besides black-on-black?


Oh Statler hahaha image

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My Thanksgiving dinner has as much impact on rang as the weight difference of a set of wheels. Lol


What’s the weight of these wheels compared to the abec 107s?


I’m guessing these wheels are made by labeda given it’s the Kegal core.

Website says they’re 75A, but that the durometer may change in production. Pre-purchase price is $110, projected availability in February 2019. I’m tempted, but I think I’ll stick with my 97mm 74a ReFlys. I prefer the reduced weight.

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I’m sorry @b264. You sold me on the Boa’s and I ain’t trading up. I love them too much.


Would the modular pulley from build kit boards work on these no problem? @b264

Yeah, you would be perfectly fine.


They feel similar, but I like the ride of these better. I did not weigh either one, but there is a video of someone weighing the older wheels.

@torqueboards if we preorder now, and you end up having another color available, would we be able to get those instead of black-on-black?

Yeah, I was planning on getting a second color perhaps a “blue” type color perhaps…



:arrow_up: That’s a fantastic color choice :heart:


Should be cool. Just need to finalize details.

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I would be so in for this color!