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New to e-skate boards and need help!

I need help on the electronics;

  1. What is the difference if I wire two 6s lipo batteries in series vs parallel on the range and top speed with a turnigy sk3 6374 motor?
  2. What esc is compatible with the turnigy sk3 6374 motor and 2 turnigy 6s 5000mah lipo batteries?
  3. I need ideas on an enclosure for the battery and electronics
  4. Can anyone check my parts list to make sure everything is compatible and will work and make suggestions?
  5. Do you need to program the esc or can you just use it the way it is out of the box?
  6. How do you mount the enclosure to the deck without going through the board?

List of Parts: Thank You to Anyone Who Helps!!

  1. if you wire two 6S in series then it becomes a 12S. if you wire in parallel it is still a 6S but one that will last twice as long. 12S would be approximately twice as fast as 6S so rough guess 20km/h with 6S and 40km/h with 12S. obviously there are a lot of variables that could change these figures, so its a guesstimate.
  2. VESC
  3. @psychotiller makes a range of nice enclosures.
  4. yep, looks good.
  5. you gotta program it. its never quite right out of the box.
  6. there are a variety of methods: read this thread Mounting an enclosure?
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Using 2 6s 5000mah batteries you will get 222Wh in either series or parallel configuration. 12s will give you 37-45km/p depending on motor and gearing, 6s will be 15-22km/h.

TB’S 12s 120A esc or the vesc

I use snap close tupper ware

Vesc needs programing TB’S is plug and play.

Boom there you go,@lowGuido to the rescue …Once you do it once you will see the simplicity of it, but yet how much more it can become…

Blue Lock tight anything you screw in… And crank it down so it don’t rattle apart.

ESC…VESC…if you can hang on and wait…or and RC ESCs that can handle 6s lipos…has fwd/break/rev … Some are good some are bad…you can also check @torqueboards for ESCs

Enclosures … @psychotiller makes sweet ones… Or if you are like me … Make your own…get inventive and maybe share it…

Post the build up…if you run into issues…someone will put thier two cents in (good and bad😉) Maybe you teach someone else a thing or two

Thanks for the help @Michaelinvegas

Do you think you could recommend a good 12s esc for under $100 or around that?

@delta_19 Thanks

I was wondering if a 14t to 36t gear ratio would be a good balance of speed and torque to climb hills. Do you think that this is a good ratio or is their another ratio that is more suitable?

Also if any of you experienced people know where I can get a drive wheel kit for the abec 11 flywheels for cheap that would be helpful

I am trying to build a board with two turnigy 5000mah 6s 20c batteries (here is the link, scroll down to see dimensions:
The esc I will be using is the Trackstar 120a

I am trying to find an enclosure but need help. I need the enclosure to be accessible so I can take the batteries out and charge them, so I was think like a fishing box or tupperware but I cant find one that fits my batteries and esc well.

Also I was curious as to how people mount these things on their board without the screws going through the deck. Could you just use industrial strewth velcro?

Thanks to Anyone who helps!!!

6s ESCs is all day long…High output ESC are are harder to find … VESC are the way to go because its specific to electric skateboards … But u can accomplish it with an RC HO esc but thoses are all over your $100 mark … Closer to the 150-200 range and at that point…you might as well wait for VESC … Plus note there is a wait for the next batch of Vesc to be made…

You’re gonna have to search around the different makers if you are scrounging you parts together… Enertion, DIY Electric skateboard and alike …unless you source the the mechanical parts from one place (bracket and pullys) then all that is left to get is the esc, motor, controller and battery … These you can find again on the e-skateboard sites like enertion and DIY or hobby King…eBay and other places

I personally went with @onloop’s bracket, cog and pully and sourced the other stuff from various places…Enertion gave me everything I needed to attach a motor to a board…solid stuff … I went with the 12t / 36t … That should give you the touque you need for a running start on a hill

Would about this turnigy esc it says it can handle 12s

Sure…but it’s set up for a helicopter… This is where you need to becarful also no BEC to run your reciver for your remote … No on/off switch …

There are reasons people aren’t using these … There is no brake or reverse programmed …

If you wanna go sideway fast…this will do it …at a cost to your safety

That esc looks just like TB’S 12S @torqueboards is this a rebrand of the fvt you sell?

And 14 to 36 would be good, I use 12 to 36 with TB’S 230kv motor so with the sk3 motor and gearing you should have no problem

It does look similar but I haven’t tried it myself but I’ve seen multiple people try to purchase it but it does not work from what they’ve said.

Dammit, oh well… any eta on your esc I ordered one on Monday?

The Trackstar you mention in the link is only good for 4s … :eyes: Read all specs before buying … And read again lol… Not sure who writes of the specs sometimes they are wrong

@delta_19 - It will ship out tomorrow morning. Can you PM me your order number again so I can double check. I don’t remember by username :frowning:

@torqueboards @Michaelinvegas
So this VESC product/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/ can handle 12s, has forward/ reverse/ braking and can run a receiver. Do you have to program this or does it come rtr out of the box?

you have to hook it up to your computer and lett it run the motor a few times so it can find the best settings but its pretty straight forward.

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@Sk8er - You’ll need to specifically use a Wii Nyko Kama for braking/reverse. Although, it’s a bit unreliable due to bluetooth connectivity.

It will be programmed out of the box for my own motors. You’ll need to tune it for your specific motors if you purchase another motor.

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@torqueboards So the VESC comes with bluetooth