New to eboards and need help plz!

I have been building and racing drones for a few years now and have recently fallen into the eboard world! It’s awesome and very addictive hahaha. I got my brother and I a couple used genesis hellfires for really good prices, and they have been great to us! I got a used boosted and wanted more instantly, so diy it is cause I wanna build! I have been reading and learning, but still a little lost on the esc side of things, the foc and bldc have me a little lost. From reading the unity looks great, but I figured I’d ask the people that love doing this! I have acquired a set of alien 6374 170kv motors and going to run them on a trampa deck/trucks and 7in tires and 72t/16t gearing. Also still very undecided on battery size. I would love for around 20-25 real world miles and a top speed of 30ish, I know gearing and street wheels can change that as well but think the bigger wheel/tire will make for a great board for multiple terrains.

Try looking through some of the messages on these

For the other parts never built a mtb so don’t really know but would say probably a 12s6p or something

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lol the title. Don’t even know why I’m in here, but after reading that title, any post >3 sentences = wall of text.


Yeah, I would say a 12s 5 or 6p for high amps and good range… I have a unity and love it and the app comes in handy. Plus it can handle some serious amps. You can test your gear ratio and wheel size here

I also have 2 quads that I love ripping around :smile:. Let me know if you have any more questions

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If you want good 10s foc, go with the unity. If you want the extra power at no extra cost, go with the flipsky dual vesc 6.6. I prefer it and it has been an absolute beast. The unity couldn’t handle the 80a+ i would need to pull from it for a considerable amount of time (not a 1 second burst for sure).

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Thanks! I had read that the unity didn’t like 12s which kinda scared me when I punched in my info in the calculator and the 12s pack is what gives me the range and speed I would like to achieve! This the right one? It says fsesc and not VESC but the specs look great, I don’t think I need the one that can do awd, not planning on that yet haha.

Thats it, yes. It says fsesc, but it is built using vesc 6 hardware. It runs vesc firmware as well. All the “fsesc” items are vescs

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