New to electric skateboards

Hi all,

I have only recently come across electric skateboards by watching a few YouTube videos! Upon googling, I came across quite a few helpful sites and have become hooked! I’ve decided to build my own electric skateboard in the next month or so!

I’ve also read quite abit here and have found the information to be invaluable.

I’m from South Africa and there doesn’t seem to be any hobbyshops who sell components.

If anybody from SA does know who I can contact, please get in touch

Thanks again


First Welcome here! Did you have had a look at hobbyking? I think they ship also to South Africa for a reasonable price. They have some good motors, batteries and all the small parts you need for a build. Just don’t buy there motor mounts :wink:

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Hey Andy,

I haven’t had a look. I’ll do so, thank you for that Any reason one shouldn’t by their motor mounts?

Also! Thanks for the welcome mate

I had a bunch of them myself but they are just shitty… the wiggle loose overtime and are just not worth the hassle… Get something like torqueboard (@torqueboards) mounts or @dickyho mounts :smile: I can also recommend @e.board_solutions 's mounts.


I am from Brazil and have the same issue…luckily all the big guys ship world wide…including @psychotiller , @JLabs

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41 minutes read time is not “quite a bit” lol.

Welcome to the fun!


Much appreciated

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This is good news! Thank you

Hobbyking mounts have been fine for people that actually us them on hobby king trucks


I think I’ll match them like that

Another more popular option would be some standard caliber trucks, and a caliber mount. There are tons of them for less than $40 here on the forums, some are even $20.

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That’s good to know bud! I will Definitely have a look around! I also want to try save and buy all my parts at the same time. Nothing more frustrating waiting…

I think @Mich21050 already answered your question to the mounts :sweat_smile:

2 Likes is as cheap as you will find for calibers.

The first batch has some mounting issues, however this new version with the two piece clamp has gotten all solid reviews from ppl here who have used it. if you get that and some caliber trucks from amazon I think you will be much happier.


I literally can’t wait to get started

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Hi @Pops, welcome.

I lived in Joburg for a year before moving to the UK, no place quite like it in any developing country in my humble opinion!

You’re lucky enough to have good distribution connections there and a large Chinese import structure so buying in parts wont be too difficult. Some tips:

Buy as much as possible from as few as possible sources. It may seem like a steal getting a part here and a part there, mounts from a cheaper source than the retailer you get motors, but in the long run, after shipping, import duties, tracking all those parcels, times of arrival… you’ll be better off just paying the medium premium and dealing with as few retailers as possible. There are some excellent guys here stocking most of what you’ll need.

Use Aliexpress or any site like that to buy in the little things like washers, connectors, bolts and so on. Buy in bulk, get 100 of everything, it’ll be the same price as buying locally there but 10x the quantity. You’ll need a third and you’re bound to get the bug and build another 100 boards :smiley: might as well get it all now and have it ready instead of paying shipping 10 times.

Mostly though, you want to build your board in a month or so but I can tell you with certainty you won’t be riding off into the sunset for at least 4 - 5 months. It takes ages to get everything in, just when you think you’re on top of it and go to assemble you’ll find you’re missing a few small but crucial parts. It’s just the nature of this. Enjoy the build as much as the riding, it’s half the fun. Take your time and pay attention to the little details.

Read, read and read. This place is packed with information, it’s a goldmine.

Finally, buy cheap and buy twice. It’s a well known saying here and 80% of the time it holds true. If you try to cut corners you will end up wasting more money.

Enjoy it man!


Yes, because @Boardnamics sells much better ones for $15


Hey Brent,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write the post. I am quite overwhelmed by the volume of information at the moment. I love the building aspect of things, since I build and fly drones.

I’m going to start off by building a board in the next month or two. I want to buy quality components, since I know it is “cheaper” in the long run to do so

I see a lot of components can be imported to SA. I will take advantage of this

I’m getting a parts list and budget together at the moment

Will be sure to read ALOT and ask questions

Thank you again, I’m sure we’ll chat in the near future


Sweet, just don’t read my comment history, you’ll find that I’m actually an adult tit and spend most of my time commenting about bodily functions and trying to get the forum owner to post pictures of his tank tops.

Let’s draw a line and start fresh forum friends.