New to eSk8 and looking for some advice (Castle 2028 build)

Hi everyone, I already built my first board and am looking for some general feedback and some specific advice.

The Board- -Bustin 46" deck -diy electric skateboard single motor kit (trucks, wheels, motor mount and grears(13,36)) -diy electric skateboard winnning controller

This is where it gets interesting -Castle xlx combo (xlx esc and 2028 motor) -two 4s 7200 mah gens ace lipos with series and parallel connectors

I have been running it on just 4s to get started and it works great! Tons of power and despite 800kv, it pulls me up the local hills which are about 15% grade. I never really wanted all out speed but I guess I have it now :wink:

My issue is that occasionally it will hit full brake without me knowing and throw me off the front. I haven’t had a chance to talk to Castle directly about the issue but I hope it is something I can fix since it really wrecks my confidence as a new rider. General build feedback and any troubleshooting on this issue would be much appreciated.

800kv is crazy stupid fast. your main issue is the castle esc. i ran into this issue with the sidewinder 8th. the esc is not meant for your payload and has to many damn “safety features”. when you ride you probably set of one of the "saftey features and it goes full brake thinking that its helping the situation not making it worse. you can fix this by getting a castle link and messing with some settings or going to a well know safe esc. i would say vesc but i dont think it would handle the 800kv. try a 120amp hobby wing.

Yep, I already went into the castle link software and played around with some things. The data logging feature logged a motor start failure so I bumped up the starting voltage hoping it will help. The past couple days have been rainy so I hope to test in the next couple of days.