New to the game and looking for a hub motor

So im thinking about building my first electric skateboard. After having done some research I have found that the best setup for me is probebly dual hub motors but my problem is that the ones I find to be the best is also the ones I cannot buy. Especially the carvon V3, since the motor sits outside the wheel which i really like. Does anyone know if these will be sold seperate soon, or if there will be any other good hub motors on the market in the foreseeable future? Any help is appreciated

If not Carvon than you need to wait for @Hummie and his hubs.

Hummies new hubs should be ready soon. Realistically speaking, I think they will be ready for sale within the coming months. The factory that machined the parts made a crucial mistake with the cans, that resulted in an in balanced motor can. They are fixing that now and have move us to the front of the line to fix them. Should be no more than 19 days until the fixed cans arrive.

This is the first 18 motors, most of which I believe have already been sold. After the final pieces are refined, there’s a few options we are considering for the first production batch.