New to this.....lets see what we can build. MBS Atom 90, Keda 63-64, 10s lipo, all custom belt drive

Grew up skating my entire life, was browsing youtube one day and came across a video of a guy riding an electric mountainboard. Thats all it took, so i had to build one.

The plan was to build a solid, low cost board and see if it is something i want to dive deeper into. So here is my first build, and yes, im hooked and have been ordering and making parts for a higher end build next.

Started as one of the most affordable boards i vould find, the MBS Atom 90


For motors i went with Keda 63-64 190kv. They were cheap and had decent reviews. Worth a shot right.

ESC is a cheap ebay dual belt drive esc. Nothing to write home about but does the job for now.


Machined a box for it out of delrin and mounted a heat sink onto the bottom side of the esc. Power switch. XT plug.





Simple. Effective. Waterproof.

The real challenge came when trying to find a belt drive for it. I simply did not like what i could find, and there wasnt much to find. So i made my own 72 tooth pulley. Mounted to the MBS wheels through spacers i made.






Then came motor mounting time. Fired up the waterjet, drew up some mounts, cut the blanks, machined them to spec. Came out nice. Maybe a bit overkill but works flawless.






Thats really all there was to it. Im running 10s lipo in a little box on top, nothing fancy. I have a little over 300 miles on it now and not a single problem, aside from the garbage tires that came with it. Torque is good, top speed ive gotten out of it is 26mph, no idea what the range is. The longest i ride it nonstop is 11 miles at a time. Havent pushed it longer.

Much bigger plans for this upcoming build. 26mph doesnt satisfy me, and with better ESCs i will get the tuning i am after.

So anyone out there looking for a budget friendly build on a pretty solid rig, you cant go wrong with something like this.


Always love to see fellow MBS users. Nice build man!

Looks good first thing I would update would be to a vesc as they would provide more reliability for you but not bad for your first build.

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That’s an awesome build. Having access to big tools is great

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Being a Journeyman Machinist makes this process much easier for sure. There is such a small market for parts to build these yourself. Whats out there is either cheap garbage or overpriced. While i enjoy making all of my own parts, it can be a challenge getting new people into this without a larger market support.

This was just an experiment to see if its something i would like to throw more money at, and with this next build, i am.


I’m sure there would be interested if to decided to sell some parts


dude that looks epic! you might want to make some more to sell later on. the people on this forum are mad for good quality DIY produced stuff.

Looking good! My advice to you - get some better rubber on those wheels ASAP. Mine didn’t last at all

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Yeah those tires are horrible. I ordered 4 MBS T3s that will be here tomorrow. Looks like they will suit my riding style much better. That ESC, while it works just fine, is whats holding this board back. I have the Flipsky dual VESC 6.6 for my new build, but i might break down and order the dual VESC 4.2 for this one.


Smart man - have fun with your build!

There’s an awesome knock off of these tires on ebay or aliexpress that are way better. These blew out on me in under 3 months. I belive @Grozniy has the link. I couldn’t find it :expressionless:

I bought these but what I received was identical to MBS vine, just tougher rubber, meaning they will last much more


Bingo. I can confirm I ordered them as well and received thick mbs vine.

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Switched the tires to MBS T3…holy hell these are proper tires. Machined an enclosure for the lipos out of delrin with a black polycarbonate top, flush mounted voltage gauge. No more stopping to check cell voltage, so today im going to do a distace run, see how far 10s, 10,500mah can go.



Finally found a decent flat paved area to do a speed test. Its extremely hilly where i live. Did a range test the best i could, got 22 miles with the battery ending at 36 volts.


Made a few changes to make charging easier, waterproof, and hopefully more distance. My previous batteries were two sets of 5, 2S lipos. I had to charge them by removing the battery box lid, balance charge one battery at a time, assemble it all when done. It was a pain.

So i built a new box. Built a 10S5P battery from LG HG2 18650s. So i went from 10,500mah to 15,000mah, and a simple plug in to charge.

Also blacked out the board. Now im being held back by this cheap ebay dual esc. So i ordered a flipsky dual 6.6. Im only assuming that will really wake this thing up, but i have to ride it like this until it gets here and i build a new enclosure for it.

Took it out yesterday with the new battery. What did i notice going from lipo to 18650…nothing. Zero performance difference. It felt exactly the same as the lipos. On the plus side, my range has drastically increased, obviously. Did 26 miles and had more left in it. Charging was MUCH easier…though it took forever. Im going to have to look into charging this thing with much more amperage. I will look into that while i wait for this new esc.